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Land, because it has lower specific heat capacity.
Land, because it has lower heat capacity.

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Land heats up faster and loses heat faster than water.

Land because it has warmer areas.

land heat up water because of the high capacity.

the land is the one that heats up more faster because the radios from the sun heats up more faster. on the other hand water tales more time to heat up and to cool down as well

it heats up much faster, the specific heat value of water is very low, and the specific heat value of land is almost always higher than that of water.

No, because the land heats up faster and cools up faster than water.

Yes, it can. It also heats and cools faster than water.

my coffe Land heats up more quickly..

Slower. Water has a large heat capacity, or "thermal inertia".

As a general rule, solids usually heat more quickly than water due to the unique properties of water molecules, which are relatively resistant to changes in temperature. Therefore land heats up, and cools down, faster than lakes and oceans.

The land because water takes time to heat and cool. Also if the piece of land is dark colored then it will absorb more solar radiation then the water.

Because water heats slower. So if you were on land it would heat up alot faster than if you were swimming in the ocean.Because water heats slower. So if you were on land it would heat up alot faster than if you were swimming in the ocean.

The desert heats up faster.

Land heats up more quickly than water, and also loses heat more quickly than water. This is why the ocean is still warm at the end of summer even when the land is cooling down. It also explains why the ocean is cold at the beginning of summer, even though the land is warm.

Meadow; During the day ,the land heats up faster than the sea. At night, the land loses heat faster than the sea does.

in daytime land heats up faster than the water but at night its different because land cools quicker as well and water cools slower

The land heats up and cools down faster than water. During the day, the land heats up faster than water, so the air above land is warmer than air above water. Cooler, sea air sinks and flows toward the land, creating sea breeze. The same happens during the night except vise versa because land cools down more quickly, creating land breeze.

Land heats up and cools down much faster than water, so when the suns rays hit land and heat it up, the land heats up the air surrounding it causing it to rise up in the atmosphere. Then once the air has risen to a high enough point it cools, creating clouds and, depending on the amount of water vapor in the air, rain.

Land breezes are caused by convection. These breezes occur where large bodies of land and water meet. The different rates at which land and water heat and cool cause these winds. During the day land warms up faster than the water in lakes or oceans. At night time the water heats faster than water because the water has absorbed more heat than land which is why it has land breeze at night.

oil, it has low specific heat than water, meaning that it's substance will heat up faster

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