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Which high school football program has produced the most NFL players?


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Long Beach Polytechnic High school (Coach Don Norford)

In the history of the NFL, Long Beach Polytechnic High school has produced more NFL players than any other high school in the nation.

Norford trains more NFL athletes in the NFL off season than any other high school coach, some who attended Poly and some who did not" Norford has declined several NFL and College Coaching Opportunities.

As of 2008 California leads all US states -producing the highest number of current NFL players from their High schools, but across the U.S., Miami tops the list of hometowns.

A close second in 2008:

  1. Dillard in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  2. and Tustin in Tustin, California

These 2 schools top the list with the most 2008 NFL players- six each.

Additional Info on Top High Schools that produce NFL Players:

In 2007 The top 2 high schools were:

  1. De La Salle in Concord- 6 players each
  2. Long Beach Polytechnic in Long Beach - 6 players

Last year it was a tie with 6 players each between Long Beach Poly and De La Salle (Concord) -- both California teams. De La Salle added one more player this year, but I'm not certain about Poly. DLS currently has: Amani Toomer - Giants DJ Williams - Broncos Matt Gutierrez - Patriots Demetrius Williams - Ravens Maurice Drew - Jags Derek Landri - Jags Cam Colvin - Niners

Aplington-Parkersburg High has 4 active NFL players. Jacksonville Jaguars C Brad Meester, Detroit Lions DE Jared DeVries, Green Bay Packers DE Aaron Kampman, and Denver Broncos C Casey Wiegmann. Because of them, Aplington-Parkersburg was tied for fifth among high schools for most players on an opening-day roster in 2007 with bigger-name schools like Glades Central, Glenville (Ohio) and Miami Norland.

In 2006 the top five high schools were:

  1. Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
  2. Dorsey (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  3. Ely (Pompano Beach, Fla.)
  4. Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, Calif.)
  5. Kahuku High School in Kahuku, Hawaii made a first appearance on the most-alumni list

Passaic High School, Passaic, NJ had six students which produced National Football League players. They were Nick Mike-Mayer, Roland Moss, Augio Lio, Dennis Johnson, Ron Mikolajczyk and Jack Tatum.


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