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Q: Which historical event caused georgians to join the baptist and methodist churches in large numbers?
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Which American churches werer the most republican in their institutions and ideology?

Baptist and Methodist churches. :)

What would a good compromise church be for a Methodist adn baptist that are married?

I was in that situation 25 years ago. Methodist churches do have some that are more evangelical than others. If you can find an evangelical Methodist church, usually smaller than the "First Methodist of the City," then that would be the best of the compromise. Not to step on any toes but my spouse found the baptist churches in our southern town to be too judgmental for her Methodist upbringing. I found the Methodist church acceptable to my divergent beliefs in Bible study and I could still believe as a conservative baptist while still a member in the Methodist church.

Does the us have more catholics or protestant?

Protestant, most churches such as Methodist or Baptist come from the protestant faith.

Does baptist churches have bishops?

Yes the Methodist Church has Bishops. They are responsible for a jurisdiction, which is composed of several districts.

Is the Methodist church a cult?

Not anymore than the Episcopal, Presbyterian, or Baptist churches could be called cults.

The two largest African American denominations by the end of reconstruction?

Following the Civil War, the Baptists had the most black members, next came the Methodists, and the Presbyterians came in a distant third. A few years after the Civil War ended, most of the black Baptist Churches in the Southern Baptist Convention pulled out and formed a different group. Many different black Baptist denominations exist. A few Methodist Churches remained with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South but many went with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Other black Methodist Churches exist. The Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a Black organization.

What are the names of the churches that belong to Protestant denominations?

Methodist, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Luthern, Church of Christ, Pentecostal, and Cowboy church.

How religion are Baptist and Methodist denminations a part of?

Baptist and Methodist are denominations of Christianity.

Is the united Methodist church connected?

Most definately. The United Methodist individual churches are members of a conference within a geographical area. In that way, they pool their resources together to fund programes vital to the national church. The Baptist churches are autonomous and have little relationship to the Southern Baptist Convention. In the United Methodist CHurch, the Bishop of the Conference decides you will serve as pastor for the individual church. This connection derives from its Anglican heritage.

What are the denominations found in Jamaica?

There is a remarkable plethora of Christian denominations which increase yearly. Jamaica has the highest number of churches per sq. mile. The biggest are- Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist.

What are the top five religions in Alabama?

The Southern Baptist are the largest followed by the United Methodist Church. The Pentecostals are the 3rd largest followed by the Presbyterians and Episcopal churches.

When was Continental Baptist Churches created?

Continental Baptist Churches was created in 1983.