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Which house can impeach?

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The House of Representatives. The Senate are then needed to approve the impeachment.

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What house of congress has the power to ''impeach'' the president?

Only the House of Representatives can impeach, and only the Senate can try the impeachment.

Who can impeach a judge or president?

only the house of representatives can impeach

Who can impeach the govermment officals?

The House of Representatives can impeach the government officials.

Which house can impeach the president?

The house of represenatives

What types of officials can the house impeach?

The US House of Representative is the only federal body that has the power to impeach. It can only impeach people that are elected or appointed by the Executive Branch.

Who can the vice president impeach?

No one. Only the House can impeach federal officers.

What house has the power to impeach?

The House of Representatives can impeach the President. If they find that the President has violated his/her oath, they may start the process.

Which house has the sole right to impeach the president for wrongdoing?

The House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach federal officials in the US.

What public officers can the house impeach?

the house can impeach the president, vice president, and all civil officers of the united states.

Which branch of government can impeach a president or a vice president?

The House of Representative has the power to impeach.

Can the senate impeach?

No. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach, but the Senate are needed to approve the impeachment.

What house of congress can impeach a federal official?

House Of Representatives

Who can impeach a government official?

The House of Representatives

The House of Representatives does not have the power to impeach.?


What is the only house given the power to impeach the President?

House of Representatives.

Does the senate or house need a majority of yes votes to impeach?


What does the term 'impeach' mean Which of the 2 houses impeach?

Impeach means to bring charges against the holder of a public office, usually the president. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach, while the Senate decides whether or not to remove from office.

Can the House of Representatives impeach a state supreme court justice?

No. The US House of Representatives can only impeach certain federal government officials, such as US Supreme Court justices; state officials are beyond their reach. The state House of Representatives may impeach stateofficials.

Who has the sole right to impeach?

The U.S. House of Representatives.

What powers does the House have?

Can impeach (formally accuse) the president.

What government body has the right to impeach?

House of representatives

Who charges the president to impeach him?

Only the House of Representatives can do this.

Who can impeach and remove a president from office?

Only Congress can impeach a president. The senate controls the court aspect of trying to convict the President. The house is the ones who actually Impeach the president.

The power to impeach a president of the US rests?

Only the House of Representatives is empowered to impeach the president. Then it is the job of the Senate to try him/her.

Which body can impeach?

The body that can impeach is the House of Representatives. They are the only ones that have the authority to bring charges against federal officials.