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The rule of law

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Q: Which idea was Montesquieus contribution to ideas about government?
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What was one of montesquieus key ideas about government?

Montesquieu's idea was that there should be a separation of power.(:

What idea was Montesquieu contribution to ideas about government?

The rule of law

What is the meaning of montesquieus idea of checks and balances?

each branch of the government should limit the power of the others

What is the importance of montesquieus idea of checks and balances?

Each branch of government limits the power of the other branches. -MeBeeBee

Which philosopher wrote about the idea of Separation of Powers?


What was Montesquieu's lasting contribution to government?

Montesquieu's most lasting contribution to government was the idea of separation of powers. Montesquieu was a French political philosopher.

What ideas did we get from the Mayflower Compact?

We borrowed the idea of government

What French enlightenment philosopher came up with the idea of separation of powers?


What major ideas went into the shaping of the new American government?

One major idea that went into shaping the new American government was the idea of representative government. Another idea was limited government.

What idea did Lamarck and William smith contribute to the study of fossils?

Lamarck's ideas were that he had a great contribution to the study of evolution.

What ideas for government did thomas Jefferson stress in his inaugiral address?

Idea #1: Need for a limited Government. Idea #2: Protection of Civil Liberties.

What ideas about government developed during the Enlightenment?

Perhaps abandoning the idea of the "divine rights of kings" was a good idea.

What are Baron de Montesquieu's ideas about government?

he came up with the idea of separation of powers

What ideas were represented in Federalist Papers?

The idea of a strong central government was represented in the Federalist Papers.

What montesquieu's ideas?

Montesquieu was a political philosopher who had the idea to take government power & divide it up amongst "departments" (branches) of the government.

What conclusions can you draw about aristotle's ideas about government?

That his idea was really good that it became the american government. ;D YOUR VERY WELCOME! LOL

What are some team names beginning with word idea?

The Idea Icons The Idea Idols The Idea Ideals Ideas in an Instant Ideas and Imagination Ideas with Impact The Idea Implementers Idea Importers Idea Intensity The Idea Investigators The Idea Inquisition Ideas with Insight The Idea Instigators The Idea Instruments The Idea Intelligentsia The Idea Invasion

What ideas from Enlightenment philosophers Locke and Montesquieu did the Framers use?

John Locke influenced the constitution by a lot of hid ideas. They (his ideas) were widely accepted by the founding fathers. He influenced our Bill of Rights because he said the government should protect your rights. The electing our president and other officials was his idea of consent of the governed. He also had the idea for limited government which was how our government started out.

What is the idea of The Republic by Plato?

Some of the main ideas of "The Republic" by Plato were the defintion of the term justice, the theory of universals and many ideas on different forms of government.

Which key idea led to the French Revolution?

The ideas of self government and individual freedom led to the French Revolution.

Which document reflects the idea of montesquieu?

The Constitution of the United States, since his ideas were about separating the government into different branches.

How do you use an idea noun in a sentence?

A noun can be a person, place, thing, or idea. Take, say, "democracy" as an idea. A sentence could be "The US Government practices democracy as its style of government". Other ideas could include religions, plans, etc.

How is the idea of federalism related to the ideas about local church government?

It can be traced, in part, to the idea that local churches can manage their own affairs while belonging to a larger organization.

What are the key ideas in the declaration of independence?

The idea is that men have natural rights given by God and that they create government to protect these rights.

What is the plural for noun idea?

The plural of idea is ideas.

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