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Q: Which industry did the Interstate Commerce Act primarily affect?
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True or false when state regulations impinge on interstate commerce commerce must yield to the regulations?

When state regulation negatively affect interstate commerce, commerce must yield to the regulations.

Did interstate commerce affect brown vs board of education?


Is the use of a credit card considered Interstate Commerce?

Well Yes by the true definition Interstate Commerce would be in affect if you use your credit card to make a purchase outside of your own state. If you make a purchase using a credit card within your state, Interstate Commerce Laws would not affect you but may affect the Credit Card Company.

What activities can Congress regulate under the commerce powers?

First: Congress may regulate the use of the channels of interstate commerceSecond: Congress is empowered to regulate and protect the instrumentalities of interstate commerce, or persons or things in interstate commerce, even though the threat may come only from intrastate activitiesThird: Congress' commerce authority includes the power to regulate those activities having a substantial relation to interstate commerce... i. e., those activities that substantially affect interstate commerce

What are the facts of the U.S v. Lopez case?

The Supreme Court held that Congress could not regulate firearms in school zones as it did not affect interstate commerce.

What gives the federal government power to regulate actions by use of criminal laws only if the actions involve or affect interstate commerce?

The Commerce Clause International conventions The federal domain United States Treaties

What is the definition of interstate?

The term "interstate" means "between two states", as with commerce. It applies to conditions or activities that affect or include more than one state.The converse, within a single state, is intrastate.

How did the articles of confederation affect the early economy of the US?

The Articles of Confederation were very detrimental to the United States economy. It failed to grant any power for the oversight or control of taxing, interstate commerce, trade agreements, or speculation.

What are the factors affecting the growth of commerce in Nigeria?

Enumerate and explain 10 factor that adversely affect growth of commerce in Nigeria

The relationship between federal and state governments is affected by what 1.Article I. 2.interstate commerce. 3.income tax levels. 4.policies of the president and Congress.?

The policies of the president and Congress affect the relationship between federal and state government.

How does electronic commerce e-commerce affect you as a consumer and how do you think e-commerce affects the way companies do business?

because it just does

How will inflation affect hospitality industry in Nigeria?

how does inflation affect hospitality in nigeria industry