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Q: Which inference does this excerpt from president Reagan's speech support?
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What is a sentence for the word inference?

(*an inference is something intended, or suspected to be intended, while not directly said) The sheriff said that someone was being questioned, with the inference that the man was a suspect in the case. The inference of the Senator's vote was that he did not support the President. By inference, anyone going to Mecca could be considered a pilgrim.

What is an example of a sentence using the word inference?

Your inference seems to indicate your lack of support for the project at hand.

What is supported inference?

A supported inference when you draw a conclusion about something using evidence. The evidence is the support for what you have inferred.

What inference does the excerpt from president Ronald Reagan's speech support?

Thatcher believed détente promoted cooperation but did not think it would deter Soviet attacks.

Which inference do these lines best support?


How is the concept of sectionalism conveyed in this excerpt?

The writing conveys support for Northern abolitionists.

Is it correct to say support for president or support to president?

Though you were on the right track, it's actually Support for THE president.

Which words support the idea that the excerpt is an opinion?

Words such as "believe," "feel," "think," and "in my opinion" support the idea that the excerpt is expressing an opinion rather than a fact. These words indicate that the writer is sharing their personal thoughts or beliefs rather than objective information.

What is the KIS strategy in reading?

The K stands for key words. the I means Infer. and the s means support the inference.

What provide support from the text passage or excerpt that helps answer questions?

Support from the text passage or excerpt can include direct quotes, specific details, examples, or explanations that align with the question being asked. This evidence helps to strengthen and clarify the response by showing that it is grounded in the text itself.

Why don't people show their support for our president?

Possibly because they don't support our President.

What was president regan reluctant to support?

President Reagan was reluctant to support legal recognition of gay rights. While President, he was also reluctant to support AIDS research.