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There are no HP inkjet cartridges that are compatible with other brands of printers. Ink cartridges are shaped differently for different brands, and HP cartridges will only fit in HP printers.

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Compatible Inkjet Cartridges?

Compatible inkjet cartridges often offer substantial savings when it comes time to replace the cartridges that came with the printer. This is mainly due to the fact that manufacturers of compatible cartridges do not have the higher marketing costs that OEM manufacturers must endure in order to persuade people to buy their printers. Also, compatible inkjet cartridge suppliers also require less inventory, since many different brands of printers can use the same compatible cartridges.

What ink cartridges are compatible with a dell 924 printer?

The Dell series 5 black and tri-color cartridges fit the 924 inkjet printers.

How do you know if a generic inkjet cartridge is compatible with your printer?

Generic inkjet cartridges usually specify on the package what printers they are compatible with. However, performing a simple search can help you determine if you have the right ink.

What are the categories of a printer?

Printers can be categorized in a number of ways.There are inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges while laser printers use laser toner cartridges.Also, printers can be classified as colored or black.

What printer brand has the cheapest ink cartidges?

I'd go with Brother inkjet printers. They use cheap compatible inkjet cartridges and most of them are capable of working on CISS of you print a lot.

What computers printers are compatible with laptops?

Several inkjet and laser printers can be compatible with laptops. Color inkjet printers are most often the "go to" printer for laptops because of the cost effectiveness.

How do I refill ink cartridges?

Refilling your own inkjet cartridges will save you a lot of money during the life of your printer. Many inkjet printers have cartridges that can be used repeatedly.

What is the cheapest inkjet printer?

All manufacturer's of inkjet printers brands have a cheap line of inktjet printers. A cheap printer usually costs between 45 dollars and 75 dollars. You will also get free ink cartridges with every printer you buy.

What brands are there for all in one printers?

There are plenty of good brands for all-in-one printers. Some brands are: HP, DELL InkJet printers, Epson, and Brother.

Disadvantage of inkjet printer?

The biggest disadvantage of having an inkjet printer is price. It can be very expensive to replace ink cartridges in inkjet printers.

What are the disadvantages of a ink jet printer?

Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers. Inkjet printers generally have lower resolution than laser printers Inkjet printers have a much smaller ink capacity than laser printers, and thus will need more frequent refilling. Many inkjet printer ink cartridges can dry out if not used for long periods of time. Many inkjet printers are designed specifically to forbid the use of third-party or refilled ink cartridges. Laser printers are generally of more sturdy construction, and less vulnerable to breakage than inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are usually more expensive to operate on a cost-per-page basis.

What are the advantages of a laser printer over inkjet?

Laser printers print faster than inkjet machines. The cost of toner for laser printers is less expensive than inkjet cartridges. Businesses generally choose laser over inkjet printers for the quality of documents that are produced.

Why are inkjet printers more popular for home?

Inkjet printers are good for home use because they are smaller than laser printers and multipurpose laser copiers. They are also less expensive, and if they stop working, it is generally feasible to replace them. The ink cartridges are smaller than toner cartridges. Also, for simple photography, inkjet printers are more convenient. Color laser printers and even color offset copiers which use professional printers' ink are much more expensive when compared to color inkjet printers.

Which printer has cheapest inkjet cartridges?

Kodak makes printers with the cheapest ink, but the quality is not as good as other brands. You will have to decide if you want higher quality prints, or cheaper ink.

Are colour laser printers more expensive than inkjet printers?

The original purchase price of a color laser printer is very comparable to an inkjet printer. The additional difference in price comes when you purchase the ink cartridges are the laser cartridges are higher in price.

Which type of printers use ink cartridges?

Usually known as an "inkjet" printer that uses blue, red and yellow ink cartridges, with some printers using an additional black ink cartridge.

What is a laser printer's toner cartridge?

Laser printer use toners to print documents. Toners are powder-like substance that is housed on toner cartridges.Toner cartridges are to laser printers while ink cartridges are to inkjet printers.

Inkjet printers were predated by what other types of printers?

Inkjet printers are predated by laser printers and laser printers as well as inkjet printers have several different types of printers to choose from.

Low Cost Inkjet Cartridges and Printers?

As technology advances, printers are becoming more dependable, while printing supplies are becoming more affordable. The early days of inkjet cartridges were very frustrating, with replacement cartridges being costly. The alternative to high prices was messy refill kits, which often produced inferior printing. The current pricing on inkjet cartridges is much more budget friendly, and the quality of inks in brand name products is more dependable. Inkjet printers remain the predominant choice of consumers due to the low costs and great quality.

Will the HPยฎ 56 Black Inkjet Cartridge work in my therma HP?

Thermal printers can't make any use of inkjet cartridges. It will not work.

How do you say suitable for inkjet printers in French?

Compatible avec les imprimantes jet d'encre.

Source Dell Cartridges?

Dell ink cartridges are the first choice for ensuring compatibility with Dell inkjet printers and printing software. This is the best way of getting an accurate report of the remaining ink levels so that you know when it's time to replace one or more cartridges, rather than finding out right in the middle of an important, time sensitive project. Dell inkjet cartridges can be found on Dell's website and in stores that sell Dell inkjet printers.

How are ink cartridges for laser printer different from ink cartridges of other types of printers?

Laser print cartridges are larger than your typical ink jet cartridge. The also will last much longer than an inkjet cartridges. You typically find laser printers in a business setting.

Inexpensive Brother Cartridges?

Brother inkjet printers have gained widespread acceptance in home offices and businesses both large and small. They are versatile and reliable, with some of the lowest costs on the market in terms of price per page and the price to replace ink cartridges. This is especially true if you consider switching from OEM to compatible cartridges when it is time for replacement. Compatible cartridges offer comparable printing results at an even lower cost than OEM cartridges..

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