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AXA Healthcare offers a variety of health care insurances. They offer one private medical insurance, cash plans, dental insurance and even child health insurance.

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Where is axa insurance headquartered?

AXA Art Insurance is located in New York, New York. AXA has many different types of insurance to choose from.

According to AXA Insurance website why should experienced careful drivers choose AXA car insurance?

There are many reasons why the experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance. According to the AXA Insurance website, experienced and careful drivers should choose AXA car insurance to get a 90% claims discount.

Where can One find information on PPP Health Insurance?

You can find information on PPP Health Insurance also known as Preferred Property Program, on many company websites that sell this type of insurance. These companies include AXA PPP Healthcare, AXA PPP International, and Protector Plan.

What is the definition of "axa variable annuity"?

The definition of AXA Variable Annuity is a life insurance policy that give the option of market appreciation. It gives you a variety of investment options with your policy.

What type of insurance does AXA sell?

In the United States AXA provides property, casualty, marine and aviation insurance. In the United Kingdom AXA provides car insurance, breakdown cover, home insurance, travel insurance, van insurance, and business insurance.

What did axa insurance used be called?

In Britain, Prospero. They bought out several insurance companies and became axa.

When was AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company created?

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company was created in 1859.

What services does AXA UK offer?

AXA UK is an insurance company that offers the following types of insurance: car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and van insurance.

Does axa car insurance give you quotes online?

Yes, AXA car insurance provides insurance quotes online. They also provide insurance quotes on the telephone.

What companies offer discounts for lady driver car insurance?

Lady driver car insurance is offered by the companies Q4, AON Insure Ireland and Simply Insure Ireland. Similar service are offered by AXA Ireland and Geico.

Where can one get group health plans?

One can get group health plans from a number of healthcare companies. They can be acquired from 'AXA Health Care', 'UnitedHealthCare' and 'eHealth Insurance'.

What is an AXA car insurance policy?

If you are in another country you should be able to get AXA insurance because it isnt available in the United states of america. This is the disadvantage of this type of insurance.

What services does AXA life insurance offer?

The services AXA life insurance offer is primarily insurance covering TPD, income insurance, life cover insurance and any insurance issues related to personal trauma.

Does axa insurance operate in Georgia?

The AXA Equitable Life insurance Company does operate in Georgia. They have an office on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

What country is AXA car insurance based in?

AXA Car Insurance is based in the United Kingdom. They have been in business for over 300 years.

What services does AXA insurance provide?

AXA insurance provides many different services that all come with a fee to keep you covered. Such services are health insurance, Investment, Pension & Life Insurance.

Does an insurance company called Axa insure cars?

Yes, AXA does provide car insurance. They also provide insurance for your house, travel insurance, medical insurance and life insurance for people ages over 50 years.

When did Andy Haste get a position in the insurance business?

In 1999 Haste became chief executive officer of AXA Sun Life and director of AXA UK. (AXA is a French provider of life and pension insurance and annuities.)

What UK companies offer a discount on health insurance?

In the UK, several companies offer discounts on health insurance. AXA PPP Healthcare, Quotezone, Staysure, Saga, Bupa, and PurHealth all offer discounts.

What companies offer full coverage auto insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance is offered by companies like Nationwide, Cars Direct, AXA Insurance, New York Motor Insurance and AAMI. These companies also have insurance services for other products.

What products does AXA Life offer to consumers?

The type of products that AXA Life offer to its consumers include offering a comprehensive insurance for groups as well as individuals. AXA Life helps to protect one's income and the income of loved ones. AXA LIfe insurance plan covers Life insurance, Income, as well as Trauma.

Does axa car insurance cover tractor trailers?

Yes, axa insurance is based on weights, not on the number of wheels that the vehical has therefore tracto trailers quailfy.

Does AXA insurance offer insurance for art collectors?

Yes the AXA offers insurance for art collectors. They will insure all paintings, portraits, pottery, vases, clothing, and even the artists themselves.

What country is AXA Home insurance based in?

AXA is a global investment group that offers insurance that appeals to average consumers and to businesses. They are located in Paris, France in Europe.

Where can you find great deals for medical insurance for children?

Trusted companies such as Aviva, Bupa, AXA-PPP, CS Healthcare and General Medical amongst others all offer competitive rates for child healthcare. These sites can be found on comparison websites such as Money dot co dot UK. Here you will be able to see a breakdown of the individual company policy and plan options.

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