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Convention concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage

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Q: Which international organisation established the world heritage list?
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International organisation formed after World War 1?


Is Uluru a world heritage site?

Yes, Uluru was established as a world heritage site in 1987.

Who authorizes the world heritage list?

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) is responsible for selecting world heritage sites.

What are the treaties and agreement for the world heritage site?

The world heritage committee meet the head of the international convention to exchange information and coordinate actions. The world heritage committee meet the head of the international convention to exchange information and coordinate actions.

What international agency is sponsored by the united nations to monitor health problems throughout the world?

The name of the organisation is World Health Organisation (WHO).

What international organization is Poland?

The International Organization that is Poland is International Government Organisation (IGOs). Example; World Trade Organization.

Which international organisation came after the world war 1?

The League of Nations

Which was the international organisation formed after first world war?

The "League of Nations" was the international organization formed after WWI.

Which organization is charged with settlement of international trade disputes?

World Trade Organisation

What does the organisation IUPAC control?

IUPAC is the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry. It controls finances for the organization and the organization as a whole. It represents chemists in countries around the world. IUPAC was established in 1919.

Who manages the world heritage sites?

World Heritage Sites are listed by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. 911 sites have been listed as of 2010. They are managed by their home countries.

Where is amnesty international is located?

It is a global organisation with offices located all over the world.

What was the name of the international organisation set up after world war 1?

League of Nations

Is the Great Barrier Reef a heritage site?

Yes. In 1981, the Great Barrier Reef gained international recognition through its inscription on the World Heritage List. The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is the world's largest and is one of only a few World Heritage Areas that satisfy all four natural World Heritage Criteria.

Where is amnesty international based?

It is a global organisation with offices around the world, but its general secretariat is in London.

Is the European Union the best international organisation?

Yes it is! It has the largest if not the biggest combined economy in the world.

What international organization has compiled a list of the almost 400 World Heritage Cities to be preserved?

According to the UNESCO website the idea of creating an international movement for protecting heritage emerged after World War I. In 1959, after an appeal from the governments of Egypt and Sudan, UNESCO launched an international safeguarding campaign. This specialized agency was established on Nov. 16, 1945. It has 193 Member States and 6 Associate Members with Koïchiro Matsuura from Japan as General Director, and is based in Paris, France.

What is the work of United Nations?

the UN is an international organisation formed to prevent world wars. They aim to prevent conflict across the globe. They also run charities such as UNICEF and the World Health Organisation

What role has Australia played in international affairs in the post war period?

Australia joined many UN bodies, such as the World health organisation, international labour organisation and UNESCO which is the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation. Australia has also done a lot of peace keeping.

What international organization has compiled a list of almost 400 World Heritage Citiesto be preserved?


What are the international organisation formed after world war 2?

United Nations Organization or the UNO was formed after WW2.

What do you mean by World Trade Organisation and globalisation?

The world trade Organisation and the European Union The world trade organisation is the leading agency involved in the regulation of international trading. It develops ground rules for international commerce. Established in 1995, the world trade organisation is the successor body to the general agreement on tariffs and trade also known as GATT. As of July 2007, there are currently 151 members of the world trade organisation. Basically, the World Trade Organization deals with the rules of trade between nations at a global or near-global level. The world trade organisations agreement covers goods, services and intellectual property. It is the only international organization dealing with the global rules of trade between nations. Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible. The agreement falls into 6 categories: ° An umbrella agreement (The agreement establishing the WTO) ° Agreements for gods ° Agreements for Services ° Agreements for intellectual property °Dispute settlement °Reviews of governments trade policies

An international organization established after ww1 for the preservation of world peace?

League of Nations

How many countries in ICRC?

The International Committee of the Red Cross does not have countries as members. It is an independent and neutral organisation. It is an organisation that works in many countries around the world, but those countries are not members.

When was galapagos national park established?

Galápagos National Park is Ecuador's first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.It was established in 1959 and began operating in 1968.