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calculator and human computers used them.

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The first computer was a mechanical calculator invented by Blaise Pascal

Ida know, but there have been many computers, from tally sticks to a computer that is an Ipod, but the first computer that we know that was first invented was a calculator that fit into a large class room. It was in 1943

who invented the first mechanical digital calculator

The oldest calculator, the abacus, was invented in ancient Egypt(unknown date). The first Mechanical calculator, known as the Calculating clock, was invented by Willhelm Schickard in 1623. The first electronic desktop calculator were announced by the Bell Punch Co, in Uxbridge England in 1961. Finally, the first handheld computer was invented in 1980.

Hewlett Packard introduced the first handheld scientific calculator in 1972 and that became the first ever handheld computer to be invented.

William Seward Burroughs invented the first practical calculator in 1632.

The first adding calculator machine was invented by Blaise Pascal.

the very first computer was invented in the 1940's period of WWII for the purpose of decrypting German codes, and was about the size of a room with less processing power than a calculator

The inventor of the first automatic calculator was Wilhelm Schickard. The calculator was called the calculating clock and was invented in 1623.

The introduction of the 1st mechanical calculator was invented in Europe. This type of calculator production then spread world wide. The first ever was invented by Willhelm Schickard.

The calculator was invented to calculate large mathematical problems.AnswerThe calculator was invented to calculate large mathematical problems.

The first calculator was invented in 1623.

it looked like a giant mechanical calculator invented by Charles Babbage

The first modern-style electronic calculator was invented in the 1960s. The first counting device, an abacus, was invented in Egypt in about 2000 BCE. The mechanical calculator was developed in the 17th century.

The first calculator is believed to have been invented in North Africa, however China invented the spoon and the compass.

The very first calculator ever used could be an abicus, an electronic calculator, or even your brain. The first calculator invented was the abacus.

abacus Casio made the first graphing calculator in 1985.

the first computer filled up a large room and it was a calculator with memorythanks!!Charles Babbage invented it but he didn't build it, he tried many times but failed.

That was a computer called ENIAC,but first machine was a calculator.

William Seward Burroughs invented the first practical calculator

Texas Instruments invented the first practical, compact electronic calculator. Prior to this, however, Blaise Pascal also had the distinction of being a calculator inventor, in spite of the fact that the Chinese had been using an abacus since the ninth century.

The first mechanical calculator was invented in 1623. In 1961, the fist electronic desktop calculators were made.

first computer was invented by Chals Babeje. It invented in 1938

the first computer was invented in 1957

E.N.I.A.Cstands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator.