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foolhardy: wreckless

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Q: Which is a negative conotation of the word brave?
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Is childish a positive or negative connonation?

That has a negative conotation.

What is the negative connotation of the word brave?


What is the literary term for the feeling a word carries?


Is fearless a negative word or a positive word?

fearless is positive, meaning brave, courageous.

Which term is used for all the ideas and feeling the a word gives?


What is conotation?

The associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression in addition to its explicit or primary meaning. For example, "homeless" means to be without a home, but it will evoke negative connotations because it isn't good to be homeless.

Which term is used for all of the ideas and feelings that a word gives?


What are word families of the word brave?

Word family for "brave":cavecravegavegravepaveravesaveshaveslavestavewave

What is the Zulu word for brave?

The Zulu word for brave is "onyazwe" or "phezulu".

Is brave a noun or verbs?

The word brave is:A verb: brave, braves, braving, braved;An adjective: brave, braver, bravest;A noun:The count noun (brave, braves) is an obsolete word for a Native American warrior.The uncountable noun (brave) is a word for a brave person or brave people as a group.

What is the definition for brave when it is used as a noun?

The word brave is a common noun; a count noun (brave, braves) as an obsolete word for a Native American warrior; an uncountable noun (brave) as a word for a brave person or people.The word brave is a verb (brave, braves, braving, braved), an adjective (brave, braver, bravest).The noun form for the adjective brave is braveness.The noun forms for the verb to brave are bravery and the gerund, braving.

What is the Spanish word for Brave?

brave = valiente