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availability of minerals in the soil

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All the abiotic and biotic factors in the area a species lives?

Habitat :)

The particular environment to which a particular species is adapted is its what?

Itś hard to tell, but the answer is not habitat.

How is a biome different from a habitat?

a biome is a major type of ecosystem with distinctive temperature, rainfall, and organisms. A habitat is a particular environment in which a particular species lives in.

What do you call a number of individuals of the same species living in a particular habitat?

A 'population'.

What gives the platypus an edge over another species particular habitat?

its australian

What is a fairy's habitat?

Fairies are closely associated with the species of flower that are their reason for being. What ever is the habitat of a particular flower, is also the habitat of the fairy adapted to it.

The place where a particular population of a species lives is called its?

Habitat.A population lives in a habitat. The habitat must satisfy all the needs of its population.

Why some species are at particular risk of extinction due to habitat loss?

Because of many people

Group of organisms of different species living together in a particular place is called?

A group of organisms of different species living together in a particular place is called a community. An ecosystem is a community that interacts with the abiotic factors of their environment.

What does habitat means for animals?

habitat (which is Latin for "it inhabits") is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by a particular species. It is the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds (influences and is utilized by) a species population

What evidence of evolution can be found in the geographic distribution of living animals?

All organisms are adapted to their environment to a greater or lesser extent. If the abiotic and biotic factors within a habitat are capable of supporting a particular species in one geographic area, then one might assume that the same species would be found in a similar habitat in a similar geographic area, e.g. in Africa and South America. This is not the case. Plant and animal species are discontinuously distributed throughout the world

Habitat for two headed snake?

There is no particular habitat. Two-headed snakes are not a species. They are an abnormailty that can happen in a variety of species in different habitats. A two-headed snake usually does not live very long.

What term refers to the many different species foung in a particular habitat all across the planet?


What is a habitiat garden?

a habitat is an ecological or an environmental area that is inhabited to a particular species of animal or other organism

What is fauna species?

Fauna simply means the animals found in a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

Are there abiotic things in an community?

No. "Community" is a specific term for all the species living in a given location. "Species are not "abiotic".

Is there a fish with the name coral fish?

There is no particular species with the name. Some use it as part of their description, such as the "pennant coralfish" (Heniochus acuminatus).Named for their habitat, or for their ability to blend in with coral, the term "coral fish" is applied to several species such as the triggerfish, angelfish, damselfish, tang, and goby.

What is the difference between a habitat and a ecosystem?

A habitat is the place where a plant or animal lives and an ecosystem is the interaction between all living species in an area and includes the abiotic factors (light, temperature, soil fertility etc.).

What other animals live in a seahorses habitat?

Other species of fish! The actual assemblage, including sea-horse species, depends on the particular location.

What are exotic species and how are they harmful to your environment?

Exotic species are simply those that do not belong in your particular habitat. They are harmful because when they are introduced into your habitat they compete with some native species and threaten to make it extinct. Such is happening with the European starling and many native North America birds.

What is habitat or animal habitat?

A habitat is where something lives to survive. An animal habitat is where an animal lives to survive. Even you live in a habitat the city or civilization is where we eat sleep reproduce and survive.the area where an organism lives, including the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the organism.a habitat is where species lives. for example the polar bear live in Antarctica, a cold, ice, place not in a jungle

What is the difference between ecosystem and habitat?

An ecosystem is a complex interaction of living and non-living processes. A habitat is a physical place, within an ecosystem, where a particular species tends to be found.

What do you call the role a particular plant or animal plays in a community?

I would say that the role of a species in a habitat would be its "niche"

What determines the shape of a bird's beak?

Genetic traits of the particular species. Natural habitat,mode and type of food habits.

How do a species habitat differs from a niche?

A species habitat is the environment that species is generally found. The species niche is how that species plays a role in it's environment.

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