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I think they both have their pros and cons, but as far as processing power, the Sony Vita wins. Since the Sony Vita has not been released yet, it's hard to decide. In my honest opinion, I love the Nintendo 3DS' user interface and the stereoscopic 3D truly works properly.

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Q: Which is better - Nintendo 3DS or Sony Vita?
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Is the Nintendo 3DS better than the PSP Vita?


Which system is better psvita or Nintendo 3DS?

PS Vita is way BETTER than a 3DS, I have got a 3DS and I will recommend it if you want something cheap and 3D. PS Vita is more hardcore I should say.

Should you get a Nintendo 3DS or a PS Vita?

Nintendo 3DS sucks, instead get a DSi that comes with a transformation tool to a 3DS.

Is 3DS better than PS vita?

The Sony PS vita is way better, because 1. the games 2. the touch screens 3. the 3d on 3ds sucks 4. PS vita games are perfectly 3d 5. the grip is great 6. the sound and video are awesome 7. and finally the graphics and controls are easily learnable! also though if your a Nintendo fan the 3ds is best. well i would say Nintendo and there production with the Nintendo 3ds is the greatest improvement they ever made with a handheld system. Also, the reason why you say PlayStation vita is "better" is because they realized that the NGP (next generation portable) has been defeated by the Nintendo 3ds, that is why they cancelled the PlayStation NGP and released the new and improved PlayStation vita, They basically took the ideas from Nintendo and made better therefore Sony cheated in battle. which would still make Nintendo 3ds much better. 3DS is better. The PlayStation Vita's games are just console ports that you've probably played on the PS3; PS Vita costs $450 for the Vita, 32GB memory card and two games. The 3DS is also selling better in the United States and especially Japan; globally, in fact.

What is best a nintendo 3ds or a psp vita?

Playstation Vita with 3G and more features

Which is better a psp go or a 3DS?

It's all solely based on your opinion and preferences. If your a Sony fan than go for the PSP Go. Like wise, if your a Nintendo fan get the 3DS. Both of these hand held devices will have games and genres of their own and unique in their own ways.

Can a nintendo 3ds game work for a PS vita?

No, 3DS games can only be played on a 3DS.

Is the Nintendo 3DS better than the PS Vita?

The PS Vita has not been released yet, so there is currently no way to tell. The answer is subjective, anyway. Not really if it was not better it would not be able to sell for so much more. The early release model is almost twice the price of the 3DS

Is the psp vita better than the 3ds?


Which is better 3ds or 3ds XL?

I think it's the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Which one has faster internet the psp or psp vita or nintendo 3ds?

The best psp original

Can a us Playstation Vita download Japanese psp games from the Japanese e-shop and how?

No. The eShop is a service provided to the Nintendo 3DS. It is not available on the Vita.