Which is better Cuisinart dlc-7e or dlc-8e?

Here's a key consideration when buying a Cuisinart:

Don't know if it's still true, but it used to be that the Cuisinart motor and base was guaranteed for life. In any case, I've owned a 7E for years now and beaten the snot out of it on a regular basis and it still runs great.

HOWEVER... Cuisinart has a habit of creating new models and discontinuing the replacement parts for the old models. While my Cuisinart MOTOR is still fine, the plastic bowls have a habit of cracking (again, with my vigorous use) and finding replacement parts is a pain. Even if you can find used ones on eBay (often sold "as is" with acknowledged cracks in them) the replacement parts are VERY expensive -- too close to the price of a whole new machine. Even if you never break a bowl, it's really nice to have two of everything, so when you have already filled one bowl with goopy mess, you have a clean one ready to keep working

SO... I would recommend buying a Cuisinart (they're great) and I would buy whichever model you can get replacement parts for easily at a sane price!