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I have a 12 foot welded flatbottom Jon boat that I purchased used ten years ago. I have used this boat at least twice a month since and have never had a problem with the welds. I have never owned a riveted boat so have no first hand knowledge as to the quality of such. I have not used a motor on my boat, we paddle, so that may have made a difference as to the abuse.


both are good depending on the size and application of boat rivets however do move and pop and become loose with age and use

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Are riveted joints better than welded joints?

Better in what way? Rivited joints are generally cheaper while welded joints are generally stronger.

Was the titanic welded or riveted?


Is chassis bolted or welded in trucks?

The chasis is usually both bolted and welded and even riveted in the trucks.

Why were welded ships better then riveted ships?

It takes a lot more stress and force to break a weld than it does to pop a rivet.

Why were liberty ships hard to sink?

They were welded rather than riveted.

Why the joints in bucket are riveted not welded?

it is easy to repair it if any problem exist

Most liberty ships were hard to sink because they were?

instead of being riveted, they were Welded

What flux and what solder is used to solder boat propellers?

The majority of boat props are aluminum. You can't solder it, it has to be welded or heli arced.

What is the weight of an 14' aluminum boat?

Boats from different manufacturers are different. These are all 14 foot boats. A Sears Gamefisher comes in a 168 lbs. This is about as lite as they come. A welded John (squared off front, flat bottom) boat by Gizzley weighs 408 lbs. A riveted John boat by Grizzley weighs in a 113 lbs. A Tracker model weighs 480 lbs. A bass boat sold by this dealer weighs 683 lbs. You need to look at a specific boat and ask what that boats weighs.

How many holes did the iceberg make in the titanic?

The iceberg did not make any holes in Titanic. The impact separated the plates by popping the rivets (which were riveted together, not welded) and the water breached through.

What materials is a army tank made from?

Prior to 1941 they were built from riveted steel. From 1941 thru 1945 they were cast steel and welded steel. From the Korean War thru Vietnam they were cast (with some welding) steel. With the one exception of the Vietnam era M551 Sheridan tank which was welded ALUMINUM (hull only). The Sheridan's turret was welded steel (and the gun was steel). Post Viet War US tanks are composite (classified) armor with steel exteriors (welded).

Was the the Eiffel Tower welded or screwed?

Neither, it was riveted together. Initially the pieces were assembled in the factory using bolts, and then were replaced one by one with heated rivets, which contracted during cooling creating a very tight fit. Only a third of the 2,500,000 rivets used in the construction of the Tower were inserted directly on site as preassembled and riveted pieces were built off site.

Use riveted in a sentence?

I was riveted to my father's agony.

Is the window regulator in a 94 cavalier convertible riveted or bolted in?

it is riveted in.

Where is vehicle identification number on a boat trailer?

A Boat Trailer VIN# is either stamped into the Ibeam at neck of trailer (where tounge meets Ibeam) or is stamped on a Vin# and weight plate riveted onto side of Ibeam.

Using the word riveted in a sentence?

I found myself riveted as I listened to the speech.

Have you heard of a boat mfg called Cherokee i bought an 18 ft deep v from the 60s anyone?

Yes. I had a 1979 16 ft. Cherokee. Riveted Aluminum, deep V. Great boat. Wish I still had it.

What is an example of riveted in a sentence?

Lady GaGa's costumes are so gaudy that many people are riveted by her.

Can tin be welded?

Yes, tin can be welded.

What rhymes with coveted?


What rhymes with riveted?


How do you replace a floor in a wrangler?

Several different parts suppliers carry replacement panels that will either need to be pop-riveted or welded into place to repair rusted ones. Search the internet & Jeep forums & I bet you will find some documentation about someone who has done it.

How are metals converted to cars?

Sheet steel is cut and pressed into shape. Panels are then spot welded and glued together. Other metal items may be moulded, by heating the metal into a liquid and then pouring into pre-formed moulds. These items can then be screwed or riveted together.

You welded your car now it wont start?

What have you welded ?

What is aluminum welding called?

It is called aluminum welding. Aluminum can be TIG welded, the most common method, or oxy-fuel welded, or stick welded, or MIG welded.