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Acrylic Tubs

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Q: Which is better americast or acrylic tubs?
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What are pros cons of acrylic fiberglass cast iron bathtubs?

Cast Iron tubs the finish is stronger in most cases then fiberglass BUT there are new acrylic tubs like Americast that are just as strong (and cost the same) as Cast Cast Iron will not shift like the plastic tubs do BUT you do have a lot more heat loss as the mass of the cast iron is hard to keep warm. Acrylic tubs you have to be extra careful what cleaning agents to use as the finish can scratch more easily

What is the difference between cast iron tubs and Americast tubs?

Americast is a registered trademark of American Standard, and is a material provided as a lighter alternative to cast-iron. Americast is lighter and costs less, and is claimed to be more durable, though many claim it's less durable than its cast-iron counterpart in its finish.

What is the difference between Bootzcast and Americast materials?

Americast is porcelein on steel with a thick, sprayed on acrylic/composite backing. Unlike other enamel-on-steel tubs, these do not "sound" cheap & tinny when you rap on them-they sound just like cast iron. The backing also acts as an insulator that keeps the water hot longer than cast iron, which draws heat from the water (the iron is cold). The biggest difference, and of EXTREME importance if you're installing it yourself, is that the Americast tub weighs about 110 lbs. vs. 350 lbs. for cast iron! I recently installed an Americast tub & I think it's great.

What are the benefits of American Standard tubs?

There are many benefits to the American Standard tubs. The Americast tubs are made with a special material that bonds high quality porcelain enamel surface with an enameling grade material. They also offer bathing pools and massage tubs.

What material are hot tubs generally made from?

Hot tubs can be made with various materials. These are vinyl (for soft sided tubs), acrylic, fiberglass, and thermal plastics.

What type of bathtubs can the acrylic liners be installed in?

cast iron, steal, and fiberglass tubs.

What is the hot tub for a spa made of?

Hot tubs for a spa could be made over a variety of things. Wood hot tubs are typically made of redwood or cedar but do not include contoured seating. The smaller hot tubs are made up of vinyl and typically use less energy. The most popular hot tubs are made up of acrylic and are surrounded by wood. These hot tubs can usually seat 10 people and have contoured seating for comfort.

Which makes a better award Lucite or acrylic?

Lucite is a trade name for acrylic. They mean the same thing

What is the difference between americast and bootz bathtub material?

Bootzcast and Americast are they same item. Bootz makes them both. Bootz is the only steel tub manufacturer. They make them for Crane,American Standard,Briggs etc..

What products or services does Brightwater supply?

The products that Brightwater offers are, above ground spas and hot tubs, acrylic spas and hot tubs, bathtubs, built-in and in -ground spas, chemicals and many more. The company is a pool and spa supply chain that also offers maintenance services for these products.

Is oil primer better than acrylic primer in bathrooms?

no its not

Should I paint with water colors or acrylic?

whatever you like to do better