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A modeling agency is the best type of representation for getting into the modeling industry.

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Q: Which is better for modeling a company or a agent?
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Which better majorettes or modeling?

which better modeling are majorettes?

Which is better cheerleading are modeling?

Which is better modeling are cheerleading

How do you say what modeling company are you with In korean?

뭐 모델링 회사입니까 = what modeling company are you with? :)

How do you get into a modeling career?

You can either sign with a modeling agency who will book you modeling jobs or you can be a freelance model where you act as your own agent and find your own modeling work.

What is Robert Pattinson's mom's job?

modeling agent

Do I need an agent to enter my baby in a modeling contest?

It is advisable to get an agent to enter your baby into a modeling contest. You want to make sure and avoid any scams.

How can you get a job modeling for Mark?

If you are asking about modeling for Mark the cosmetic company, then you will need to have a modeling agency represent you for beauty modeling.

How much is a modeling agent?

It cost about around 300 to 1000.

What does a model agent earn per year?

The average salary of a modeling agent is $58,000/year.

What modeling agency represents Frankie Donjae?

According to his social networking sites, Frankie Donjae does not list a modeling agent, which means that either he does not want to disclose this information or he does not have an agent and is a freelance model.

Where is the best city to start modeling?

in dubai or in oman, its better to start modeling in summer

Who was discovered by a modeling agent outside a Rolling Stones Concert?

Rene Russo

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