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First and foremost, why do you need it done? Are your natural nails not strong enough?

Acrylic Gel nails are usually put on your nails for extension. Silk Wraps are just reinforcements for weak or cracked nails. Depending on what you want requires different techniques. Acrylic nails will weaken your nails. You'll have to get a refill every two weeks just to keep them maintained. And when you decide to take them off you will see what kind of damage it'll do on your real nails. Please stay away for acrylics and Gels. You can also get fungus because of the trapped moisture. Silk wrap is way more healthy on your nails. It's only a thin layer of silk glued on top of you nail beds. You can easily soak it off.

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Q: Which is better for your real nails acrylic gel or silk wrapped artificial nails?
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How do you do acrylic nails?

Acrylic which is the type of plastic made from a chemical called methacrylate.Acrylic nails is used to create gel and fiberglass artificial nails as well.

Why are silk wrapped artificial nails better than acrylic nails?

The argument of silk wrapped artificial nails being "better" than acrylic nails is mostly based on personal opinion. But, as for the preference, there are several reasons that lots of people favor them. 1. They are much more flexible and breathable than acrylics. 2. They are considered to look most natural of all the fake nail options. 3. They are thinner that gel or acrylic nails. 4. They are moisturizing and protect natural nails that have been weakened, cracked, or otherwise damaged. A silk wrap nail can act as a brace for the damaged natural nail, allowing it time to grow out and avoiding the necessity to cut the nail completely off. My advice would be to go with what you think looks and feels best. Good luck :)

What is better acrylic or gel nails?

gel nails are stronger and better looking :))

Why are acrylic nails not allowed in the medical office?

Health care workers with artificial nails are more likely to carry pathogens, particularly MRSA, under the nails.

What is acrylic nails made out of?

acrylic nails are made of acrylic plastic.

Is acrylic nails better then gel nails?

I think gels are better because they are thicker and more realistic and better for your nails, they are a bit more expensive but better quality.

Can you have acrylic nails even if you bite your nails?

Yes, although try not to bite if you know you are getting your nails done. It is much easier for the nail tech to prep your nails and there will be a better base for the acrylic/gel nails to adhere to.

Do you have to have long nails to get acrylic or gel nails?

no you dont have to have long nails to get gel nails or acrylics. u actually should have short nails thats better

Examples of acrylic?

Acrylic nails, Acrylic paints

Do the paint on acrylic nails last longer than on your natural nails?

The paint on the Acrylic nail last longer on your natural nails because Acrylic nails are plastic.

Which is better gel nails or acrylic nails?

I think for me, would be gel nails, with a design on them, and or not at all.!!!!!

Do you have to have long nails to get acrylic nail?

acrylic nails are like fake nails, (you would probably know,) but, you can have any sized nails.

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