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That depends on what you like.

One flavor or Two?

Sour or Sweet?

Personally, I like gummy worms.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-20 22:37:28
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Q: Which is better gummy bears or gummy worms?
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What is the difference between gummy worms and gummy bears?

gummy worms have two flavors in one and gummy bears are just assorted different flavors

Are all gummy worms created equal?

Humor: Yes, all Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms are created equal for the continual satisfaction of your taste buds.

What are some candies that start with the letter G?

gobstoppers, gum, gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy everything.

Are bears and worms similar?

no only if you think of gummy, then they are very similar

What is your favourite sweet in the world?

I like sour worms and gummy bears!

What junk foods begin with g?

Gummy bears German chocolate cake Gummy worms Gummy fruit Gummy astronauts Gumdrops Some junk foods that start with G is: Gum (Depends) Gummy bears (gotta love em') German chocolate cake Gummy worms (gotta love dem too) Gummy fruit Gummy astronauts Gumdrops And probably more...

How do you make gummy worms and bears?

i think they are made in a factory or home made with gelatibne in them for sure

What do sour gummy worms taste like?

Sour gummy worms taste like a tart jube/jelly. The brand in which you get also effects the tartness/sourness of the worm. If you have ever tried normal jellies- such as traditional gummy bears- then you will probably like sour gummy bears. cheers honey suckles, I'm out-i babes xoxox Gossip Girl

If you melt gummy bears will the gummy bears be hard?

No. There will just be sweet gooey stuff from the gummy bears.

What kind of candy do they sell in french candy shops?

they sell caramel, which is the most popular. they also sell mints. tottsie rolls, gummy bears,worms. (gummy worms of course lol) they wouldn't sell worms. and yeah they sell chocolate.

How do you make gummy worms covered in kool-aid powder?

I think that you get the gummy bears or worms wet & then you put them in a container that has koolaid mix & shake it around . or you roll the worms in the koolaid mix ? i dont exactly know , im going to experiment :)

What common household foods will explode?

Marshmallows, jelly beans, gummy bears & worms, all explode in the microwave.

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