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The HTC Wildfire is rated better than an HTC Desire. This can also depend on who is voting for it, as well. Some people prefer the Wildfire because it is a little bigger.

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Q: Which is better the HTC wildfire s or the HTC desire s?
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Should I get the HTC desire or the HTC wildfire s?

htc desire

What phone is better the HTC wildfire s or the HTC desire c?

Htc desire c is better because it newer and you got more space plus the phone is faster than the wildfire s

Which is bigger HTC wildfire S or HTC desire S?

Desire S- 3.7inch screen Wildfire S- 3.5inch screen So, yes. The HTC desire S is slightly bigger.

Which is better HTC Explorer and Wildfire s?

The HTC Wildfire S is better than the HTC Explorer because it has more features.

What is better the HTC wildfire or the HTC wildfire s?

They are both similar but the HTC wildfire S is the more improved version and is smaller and easier to use.

Which is better HTC wildfire or HTC wildfire s?

The wildfire S. Better processor, better graphics and newer version of HTC sense and android OS are the highlights of the wildfire S. But you might find that the wildfire is cheaper (although the wildfire isn't exactly too expensive either!)

Is HTC wildfire bigger than HTC wildfire s?

Yes the wildfire S has a smaller body and only a 3inch screen and the graphics are better than the wildfire.

Which phone is better HTC wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

The HTC Wildfire S is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

What phone is better a HTC sensation or a HTC wildfire s?

sensation by a mile

When was HTC Wildfire S created?

HTC Wildfire S was created in 2011.

Shall you buy the HTC desire the oldest one or the HTC wildfire s?

Well, it depends. These are the diffrences Wildfire S is released 2011 may Desire (the oldest one) is released 2010 march which means a year diffrence. Wildfire S is 105 g Desire is 135 g which means Wildfire S is more comfertable to use and carry Wildfire S is 256K colors Desire is 16M colors Well, I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the 256K colors aren't that diffrent than the 16M colors Wildfire S is not multi-touch but Desire is Wildfire S runs Android 2.3 (gingerbread) when Desire runs Android 2.1 (eclair), upgradable to 2.2 (froyo) And maybe they'll upgrade Wildfire S in the future to something more advanced.. but Desire's last upgraded OS is 2.2 Wildfire S comes with a 2gb memory card while Desire comes with a 4gb one. They both have same 5mp camera, but Wildfire S got face detection while Desire doesn't. Wildfire S's battery is better. And I know Wildfire S is like 290$ I reccoment Wildfire S

How many megapixels does the HTC wildfire s camera have?

The HTC Wildfire S has a 5 megapixel with flash.

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