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The Nokia 5800 has less flaws then the Nokia n95 although that is a very good phone, the Nokia 5800 is a much better phone

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Which phone is better Nokia e71 or Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic?

nokia 5800 is better than nokia e71 cause nokia 5800 its sound is very loud but nokia e71 sound is sucks

Which is better Nokia 5530 or Nokia 5800?

Personally I think the 5530 because it is slimmer and its generally much better but the 5800 has a better camera ;)

What is better iPhone or Nokia 5800?

For me, I find Nokia 5800 better.I'm a Nokia 5800 user myself.There are more functions available in the 5800 as compared to the iphone. Besides, the symbian OS in 5800 allows you more freedom to download applications for you phone and customization for your phone.

Who made Nokia Nokia 5800?

Nokia 5800 was made by Nokia Corporation.

What phone is better nokia 5800 or lg pop?

nokia 5800 is better of course, i have ( nokia 5800) it is very good, taking picture is very good, internet is very good, the volume is very very good it is xpress music !

What features does a Nokia N95 have?

Get best reviews and contract deals about Nokia N95 at http://www.buymobilephonecontract.co.uk/contract-mobile-phone-nokia-n95.html

Does Android supports Nokia 5800?

No, Nokia 5800 isn't supported by Android, Nokia 5800 runs over Symbian.

What is Barack Obama's cell phone?

barak has a nokia n95 barak has a nokia n95

What is the cost of Nokia N95 in Saudi Arabia?

Used Nokia N95 will be about 1500 riyals

How you format nokia n95 8gb phone memory?

How you format nokia n95 8gb

Which mobile should you buy Nokia N82 or Nokia 5800?

the 5800 because it has more memory better speakers better games and is more importantly a touch. however if you want a decent nokia for less money get the n82 5800 is better, and go for the navigation edition. check out the related link for more information.

Which is the best Nokia phone?

Nokia N95. It maybe small and it may not be touch screen, but I think N95 is the best Nokia phone.

Which button you push to answer a call on a Nokia N95?

You should push the OK button to answer a call on a Nokia N95.

How to download Nokia N95 garmin GPSS map?

where and how i want download Nokia N95 garmin GPSS map

Top five Nokia phones?

NO.5 Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic NO.4 Nokia n97 20 GB NO.3 Nokia n95 NO.2 Nokia n95 8GB NO.1 Nokia n96 16GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you put video from DVD onto your nokia 5800?

yes.you can downoad smart_movie for your nokia 5800 and then....

Price of nokia 5800 in qatar riyals?

nokia 5800 expressmusik howmch qatar riyal

Is the Sony Ericsson W995 similar to the Nokia N95 8GB?

No, these phones are not similar at all. Nokia N95 has a 5 MP camera and W995 has a 8.1 MP camera. Plus W995 has a different look to Nokia N95.

What is better- the iPhone 3GS or the Nokia 5800?

5800 is better !!!Changed based on post by Cloverleaf0705 in Discuss:What is better- the iPhone 3GS or the Nokia 5800Depends on what activities you do. For example if you are more into music then you can take advantage of the iPod feature of the iPhone. Both are touchscreen devices, but iPhone is faster and provided better internet browsing experience.

Which mobile is better Nokia 5800 or Nokia 5530 which has more functions than other?

Nokia 5530 is a slimmed down version of Nokia 5800. Certain distinct features missing in 5530 are 3G, 8Gb Card, Good battery for longer talk time, Gps, TV Output, Dual Led Flash etc. Please go with Nokia 5800

How much money is the Nokia N95?

The Nokia N95 is a smart[phone made by Nokia that came out in September 2006. On the market right now they are going anywhere from $70 to $200.

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