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Q: Which is characteristic of Renaissance art?
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What is the characteristic of the renaissance?

The renaissance was a time when art and culture thrived in Europe

What is a distinguishing characteristic of early Renaissance art?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of early Renaissance art is that they used naturalism. The subjects of the art are put in natural and realistic poses.

What was leonardo da vinci's painting style?

Extremely realistic, which is characteristic of High Renaissance art.

When did renaissance art begin?

Renaissance art began during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance art period began in 1150 and lasted until about 1600.

How was Renaissance art similar to classical art?

it had perspective just like renaissance art.

How was art expressed in the Italian renaissance?

art was more realistic in the renaissance.

What was the most important northern school of art in the 1500s?

Art & design in late Renaissance Europe 1500–1600. During this period the taste for ornament inspired by ancient Roman art, characteristic of the Renaissance, continued to co-exist with exuberant designs and compositions that recalled more recent 'Gothic' fashions and eastern influences.

Where was the earliest renaissance art done?

The earliest Renaissance art was done in Italy.

What is a characteristic of the Renaissance in Europe?


What has the author Marie Ruvoldt written?

Marie Ruvoldt has written: 'The Italian Renaissance imagery of inspiration' -- subject(s): Art, Italian, Art, Renaissance, Inspiration in art, Italian Art, Renaissance Art, Symbolism in art

What is characteristic of the Northern Renaissance but not the Italian Renaissance?

They moved religious messages into the background

What was a major focus of Renaissance art as opposed to Medieval art?

Religious images were not a major focus of Renaissance art as opposed to Medieval art.