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Q: Which is correct - 'Hundreds of thousands of people' or 'hundreds and thousands of people?
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Is it correct to say to have done it between hundreds thousands of people?

No, it is not correct, it should be hundreds of thousands of people.

Which is correct - 'Hundreds of thousands of people' or 'hundreds and thousands of people'?

Hundreds of thousands of people! Answer hundreds and thousands of people Answer As you can see, both alternatives are used, and probably they are equally correct. I would tend to use "of". You may have heard people say "tens of thousands", and this is correct usage as well. The idea is that "tens" and "hundreds" are ways to give a rough idea of scale. I could say "There are thousands of people in New York City." "Thousands" is not entirely wrong; there are in fact many, many thousands of people there (a thousand thousands for each million). But thousands isn't the best estimate of magnitude. If I say "thousands", I mean a few thousand, maybe even a few more than 10. But if I say "tens of thousands", I mean, perhaps, 30, 40, 50, 60 thousand. Thousands, around the order of magnitude "10". Hundreds and thousands, to my ear, does not convey the same general magnitude of size. Of course, there is nothing even remotely accurate about these estimates, but they help us grasp what the speaker is attempting to convey. Hundreds and thousands means multiples of hundreds (100s) and/or thousands (1000s). But hundreds of thousands (100000s) means multiples of a much bigger number indeed. So both are correct expressions but they convey the idea of quite different sizes of number.

A rock festival that drew hundreds of thousands of people in 1969 was at?

Haight- Ashburg was the rock festival that drew hundreds of thousands of people in 1969.

How long have people lived in Spain?

Hundreds of thousands of years.

How many people got hert in the haiti?

Hundreds of thousands.

How many people go on

Thousands and hundreds people go on wikianswers

How many people died from starvation during the Holocaust?

Hundreds of thousands.

Who likes thrillers?

Hundreds it not thousands, or millions of people enjoy thrillers.

How many people live on the streets?

trillions,millions thousands,hundreds

How many people fort in World War 1?

hundreds and thousands!!

How many people carry a firearm legally?

In the US, hundreds of thousands.

How many people have died altogether in war?

loads, hundreds of thousands <><><> In ALL wars, hundreds of MILLIONS would be more accurate.

How many people live in hard labor each year?

Thousands and Thousands of people. Hundreds on a daily basis.

How many people died during the bombing at Hiroshima?

hundreds of thousands people died.

What took place in Rwanda that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people?


How many people play clash of clans?

Hundreds if Thousands, maybe millions

Who has climbed the pennines?

Hundreds of thousands of British people and many from other countries.

Hundreds of thousands of people today use podcasts to publish their thoughts on the Web?


How many people enter the gadget show competition?

Hundreds of thousands - Rakin

Where was the 1969 rock festival that drew hundreds of thousands of people?

Haight ashbury

Who made martial art?

Hundreds and hundreds of people over hundreds and hundreds of years

What kills more people earthquakes or tornadoes?

Earthquakes do. So far in the twenty-first century, tornadoes have killed hundreds of people. Earthquakes have killed hundreds of thousands.

How many people migrated to Scandinavia?

Hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to Scandinavia over history.

How many people named Justin are there?

Over hundreds of thousands of people in America have the name "Justin."

How many people lost power in Louisiana during hurricane Andrew?

hundreds and thousands of people