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"He plays Flute" or "He plays the flute" would be grammatically correct.


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A person that plays the flute is called a flutist, a flautist, or a flute player.

A person who plays the flute is called a flautist.

She plays the flute in the local band.The flute is a musical instrument.

"Floo-tist"However, the correct term for someone who plays the flute is flautist, pronounced flaw-tist.

The flute plays in treble clef.

Yes. sister: subject, plays: predicate, flute: direct object = sentence.

The flute plays in the Treble Clef and is a C instrument.

That is the correct spelling of the "flute a bec" (French flûte à bec) or "beak flute" the modern form of which is the "recorder" or song flute.

anyone who wants to. The flute was originally made in Germany though

You don't. The flute plays only one note at a time.

The Jonas Brothers themselves do not play the flute. Band members, however, might play the flute, and in their music, the flute may be heard as part of the orchestral accompaniment. Nick plays the guitar, sings,and plays piano. Joe sings and plays the tamborine, and guitar. and Kevin plays the guitar and does backup vocals.

The piccolo plays higher than the flute. All orchestra's have piccolo's and the piccolo can only go so high (same as the flute) so it is not a matter of which orchestra plays the highest because all of them can play at the same pitch range (this also applies for the flute)

A* and there is no such thing as a pocket flute. You may be confusing it with a piccolo which is significantly smaller than a flute and plays an octave above the entire Concert Flute range.

"He plays soccer on Wednesdays"; or you could say, "He plays soccer on Wednesday afternoons" (or mornings: which ever is applicable).

The flute generally plays above the clarinets, and will have the melody in quiet sections.

Mathieu Dufour plays a Powell flute with a LaFin headjoint.

A Flute is used for playing music. It usually plays in the higher notes, depending on what kind you have.

The piccolo plays one octave higher than the flute.

A flute player is known as a flautist.a Flutist or flautist

The only way to obtain the Azure Flute is by using the Action Replay with the correct code. The event for the Azure Flute never happened.

She doesn't play flute, but she plays piano and guitar.

James plays a custom made 20K 'Galway' Nagahara Flute.

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