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Is it correct to say a block of rooms has been or have been reserved? Thank you. Cindy

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Q: Which is correct a block of rooms are reserved or a block of rooms is reserved?
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Is it correct to say a block of rooms has been or have been reserved?

"Has been" is correct, because "a block" is singular.

Where can one reserve Cala'n Bosh hotel rooms?

Cala'n Bosh hotel rooms can be reserved in many of the normal ways. They can be reserved by a high street travel company or by using many of the well known internet companies such as Expedia.

Why do schools block internet chat rooms?

They block chat rooms because first of all, you shouldn't be on there, and sometimes they transmit viruses or download harmful stuff onto the computer.

How do you spell block?

That is the correct spelling, "writer's block."

What is another word for roster - we need to say that we are required to have full names of all who have reserved rooms?

A register

What are the names of all the rooms in Auschwitz?

They weren't called rooms, they were called Blocks and ther was Block 1-21. These everything what was in Auschwitz.

What is room allotment for the hotel?

Room Allotments is the number of rooms/categories reserved for a travel agency or tour operator to sell the rooms for a period of time at a certain rate with it's terms and conditions.

Where can one find NYC hotel suites to rent last minute?

Price Line and Hotels allow you to book last minute rooms. You will need to check locally as what hotels still have rooms left as these sites do not update as rooms are reserved in person.

What is the definition of a room night?

Number of rooms blocked or occupied multiplied by number of nights each room is reserved or occupied.

Does Napa valley lodge rooms available for large parties?

Napa Valley lodge offers queen and king sized rooms. For large parties, multiple rooms would need to be reserved. Suites are available, but they are geared towards a small gathering of friends or family.

Is used to reduce file fragmentation because a block of contiguous disk storage can be reserved for a file?


How do you spell resivation?

The correct spelling is reservation (something reserved in advance, or an Amerindian relocation).