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Pride of lions.

"Pride" in this context is an animal collective, a word for a group of a particular animal.

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What is a pride of lions?

A lion pride is a social group of lions: males, females, and young lions.

What is the family of a lion?

The name of a lion family is known as a prideA lion family is a pride of lions.

What is a group word for lions called?

A pride. A group of lions is called a lion pride.

Where do lions sleep?

lions sleep with theirpride in the den ,they never sleep outside the pridebecause if the do ... then the alfa malewill think that the lion has betrayedthe pride and the lions will force the other lion away!No but something that ___s

What is the synonym for lion?

Lions. Many lions as a group are called a pride.

How do lion prides affect other lion prides?

because lions are use to their pride by living with them so the lion can interact with their own pride.

What is pack of lions called?

A pack of lions is known as a pride. A pride is usually mostly related females and a male lion.

What group does a lion live in?

A group of lions is called a pride.

How many lions can be in a group of lions?

Actually, a group of lions is called a 'pride'. There can be a range of 3 to 30 lions in one pride. If there is a very large animal, a single lion wont attack it, but the whole pride would.

How did Lion Rock get its name?

It's actually called Pride Rock. And it got its name because the lions of the African savanna in The Lion King live there. And a group of lions is called a pride.

What is the collective noun for lions?

The collective nouns for lions are:a pride of lionsa troop of lionsa flock of lionsa souse of lionsa swat of lions.A lion pride can have one or two male lions and around 10 or more females and a number of adolescent and cubs. The females usually do most of the hunting. The males only involve while trying to bring down huge prey like a giraffe or a water buffalo. A lion pride hunts together as a group.This was actually a central idea in the movie the Lion King.

If lion equals pride what word equates to oyster?

A group of lions is a pride and a group of oysters is a bed.

How do lions survive in the jungle?

Lions are pack and prey animals. In a pride of lions the male lion rules and protects the female lions from threats. However, the female lioness is responsible for killing and feeding the pride. This structure provides stability and safety for the pride.

Are lions loyal to their pride?

Lions are very loyal to their pride. All of them will work together to raise young and defend territory. Lions love their fellow pride members and often show affection. The only time a lion is not loyal to its pride is when it's kicked out.

What do lions do when they catch their food?

They call the other lions from the pride and all eat that food because the lion who caught that food, doesn't want his pride to starve.

What is a lion family called?

A pride is a group of lions, many of them related.

Does a lion have a relationship?

Yes, female lions have relationships with other members of their pride.

How long are lions looked after by their parents after birth?

Lion cubs are taken care of by the pride and its parents for approximately 3 years. Male lions that reach adolescence are kicked out of the pride by the pride ruling male. Female lions stick to the pride and stay with them for as long as they are alive.

How long do lion cubs stay with their parents?

Male lions stay for around 2 years. Once the male lions are sexually mature, they are expelled from the pride. Female lions stay with the pride forever.

Who hunts in a pride of lion?

It is usually the females in a pride of lions that do the hunting. The dominate male lion will eat first, even when he has done nothing to help during the hunt.

What are lions enimes?

A lion's archenemy is a hyena.Hyenas steal prey from lions,and they kill cubs.Any predator that kills a lion or a lion cub is a lion's enemy.Exiled or outsider lions are enemies,too.They will kill cubs and overtake a pride,by defeating the pride males(killing the males or exiling them).

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