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It really depends on what corvette, if you ask about a corvette zr1 vs a viper, i think the corvette zr1 beats it by a mile,but if you ask about the corvette zo6 than i guess the viper would tie the corvette or beat it by a second.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-14 15:22:36
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Q: Which is faster Corvette or viper?
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Is a Ford Mustang faster then a dodge viper?

if a corvette isn't faster than a viper and the corvette is faster than a mustang do you really think it can beat the viper?

Is the viper faster than the Corvette?

The viper as a higher top speed but in overall performance the corvette is better

Which is faster a brand new Corvette or a brand new Dodge Viper?


Is a dodge viper faster than a corvette?

yes of course a viper can go faster than a corvetteType your answer here...

Is a dodge viper srt-10 faster than a Corvette zo6?

Every year of viper and Z06 is different as far as horsepower ratings go but the newest viper is faster than the Z06 but not the new 09 ZR-1 corvette. the corvette is better always has been always will be

What American cars in the 90's were faster than the Corvette?

Dodge Viper

Is a viper faster then a Corvette?

No, The Viper could not beat a Corvette, it couldn't beat a Ford GT, which is also slightly shorter than a Corvette (If I'm not mistaken, the Ford GT's top speed is 203 mph, with the Corvette about 205). -+

Is a Corvette better than a viper car?

Yes a corvette is better

Can a Corvette beat a viper?

Yes and No!! A viper can beat the Corvette at the beginning but at the end, the Corvette will win!! The Viper is lighter and has more pull but the Corvette has just plainly more horsepower! Not really. The Corvette is weighed down with all the technology in it. everything is engineered to exact standards so the Corvette can perform. The Viper will be left burning rubber and spinning out making a lot of noise as the Corvette smoothly sails off. Dumptruck versus The ultimate American Car. The Corvette takes all.

Which is faster a Viper or Camero?

a viper

What is faster a Ford GT the Chevrolet Corvette or the Dodge Viper?

The Dodge Viper is the fastest in these models. But son, you don't compare a Mustang GT to a Corvette and Viper. Here is the class a GT Mustang belongs in. Mustang GT, Challenger SRT8, Camaro SS. The only Ford vehicle that would compare to the Corvette and Viper would be the Shelby GT500 Mustang. And, in the Mustang GT group, it wins with the new 2011 5.0L V8.

Is a ford gt faster than a dodge viper?

yes it is becase a corvette z06 would beat both of them and the ford gt stays caught up to the z06 and the dodge viper dosent

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