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It is customary to provide latitude first and longitude second when plotting locations. Latitude represents how far north or south a location is from the equator, while longitude represents how far east or west of the prime meridian a location is.

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How do you do Plotting points is it x or y first?

x comes first. (x,y)

What is the second step when plotting a line graph?

It depends on what your first step was.

When plotting in math is it the x axis first or the y axis?

The x-coordinate comes first in an ordered pair.

What axis do you read first on a graph?

The x axis is read first when plotting points in the form (x,y) on the xy-plane.

When plotting a map which comes first latitude or longitude?

Latitude is usually given first. But it really doesn't matter,as long as you make it very clear which is which.

When plotting coordinates on a graph which direction do you move first?

across Good way to remember it, along the corridor then up the stairs.

When plotting a coordinate on a grid do you start with the horizontal line first?

Yes because x is before y as in the coordinate for example of (2, 3)

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When plotting points on a graph which comes first y number or x number?

Traditionally, ordered pairs are given with the x value first and the y value second: (x,y).

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How do you plot points on a coordinate plane?

When plotting ordered pairs,always begin at the point of origin (center) and plot along the x axis line first then on the y axis line second/next.☺♥

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What is the difference between plotting (2 3) and (3 2) on a coordinate plane?

Plot the two points, and you'll see that they are not the same point. Remember that the first number is for the first coordinate (usually to the right), and the second number is for the second coordinate (usually upwards).

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How do you plot points?

Suppose you were told to locate "(5, 2)" (pronounced as "the point five two" or just "five two") on the place. Where would you look? To understand the meaning of "(5, 2)", you have to know the following rule: The x-coordinate (the number for the x-axis) always comes first. The first number (the first coordinate) is always on the horizontal axis.So, for the point (5, 2), you would start at the "origin", the spot where the axes cross:then count over to "five" on the x-axis. Then count up to "two", moving parallel to the y-axis... and then draw in the dot.Finding the location of (5, 2) and then drawing its dot is called "plotting the point (5, 2)".See related link for more information on plotting points.

How do you draw a cumulative frequency polygon?

first you draw another column and then from the grouped data you write the midpoints then you plot the frequency, and make sure also you are plotting the mid points for example: frequency 0<10 6 you would plot 5 in the x axis and 6 in the y axis

Drawing a point in a coordinate plane that corresponds to an ordered pair of numbers?

The numbers in the parenthesis represent the ordered pair for x and y. The x axis is horizontal and the y axis is vertical. When plotting the ordered pair, move across the horizontal axis for the first number and along the vertical axis for the second number.

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