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Carrots. You would need to eat approx. 2 lbs of carrots to equal the sugar content of one snickers bar.

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Which is more healthier a twix or a snicker bar?

snickers is healthier than twix

Are KitKats Better Than Snickers?

Yes kitKats are much better than snickers and healthier

Are cooked carrots healthier than raw carrots?

It all depends really on how you cook it some ways you can let out nutrition by cooking it but I thing raw carrots are healthier

What is healthier carrots or cucumbers?


Which is healthier carrots or strawberries?

i would say carrots because they are good for the eyes and they don't have acid

Is dark chocolate healthier than cooked carrots?


Is Snickers healthier than twix?

Its better because you can take your boxers and wrap it all up the add some mustardd and you got yourself a snickers suprise!

What is healthier frozen carrots or canned peas?

frozen carrots because it wont go bad for a long time

Is the statement carrots are healthier then ice cream a fact or an opinion?

It's a fact.

How can sauces be made healthier?

Chop carrots and put them in. This also helps in other ways.

Reese's cups or snickers?

1 snickers bar is 280 calories, reeses cup (2 cups are one serving) are 170 calories. Reeses cups would be healthier, in terms of having less calories.

How long to steam Carrots?

Steaming vegetables is one of the healthier ways of preparing them. Carrots should be steamed for about eight minutes if steamed on the stove top or about five if done in the microwave.

What are the snickers varieties?

snickers, snickers charged, snickers almond, snickers marathon energy (chewy chocolate peanut), and snickers marathon energy (Multi grain crunch). There are also snickers dark bars,

Are hot dogs good for running?

if you're going for a run, you probably want something healthier. try carrots!

Mars or snickers?


Is it healthier to boil carrots or roast them?

Must better to roast them. Due to water always eats away anything it touches.

What is better Snickers or Skittles?

snickers are better because it is covered in chocolate,peanuts,caramel and a weird good tasting thing on the bottom. Anyways snickers is way better because its a chocolate bar. who doesn't like eating a king size, mini size, or a medium size chocolate bar?? skittles dye your hand when u hold it to long and they stick in between the space in your teeth making it hard to enjoy the candy. and skittles is just a little ball of sugar when snickers is kinda healthier than skittles. snickers win in my case.

What is snickers slogan?

"Hungry? Grab a Snickers!"

How can you avoid junk foods?

The best way to avoid junk foods is to stop buying them. Choose healthier snacks, like carrots, celery, rice cakes, popcorn, and cucumbers. There are many different kinds of healthier choices to pick from.

What is the chemical name for snickers?

Snickers is a mixture made of many chemicals. There is no specific chemical name for Snickers.

Who makes snickers ice-cream?


When was snickers created?

The candy bar Snickers was introduced in 1930.

What was the most popular candy in 1987?

the snickersSnickers Bar

Who invented the Snickers bar?

Snickers was invented by Mars. Incorporated.

What is bad about snickers?

Snickers can be very bad for you, but not all the time.

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