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The land mass is heavier even tough the sea covers 2/3 of the earth's surface it still has land under the sea hence it is heavier...

== == == == Land mass will be heavier than water because it is more dense

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Q: Which is heavier the land mass or the sea?
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How much of Antarctica's land mass is sea ice?

None. Sea ice isn't a part of land mass.

What is the largest form of mass transit?

The largest mass transit on land is a train and on sea it is the sea liner.

Why do the dutch reclaim land from the sea?

The land mass of their country is small, reclaiming land from the sea increases the area available for agriculture.

What is a part of sea of ocean that cuts into a mass of land?


What is the term for a large flat land mass above sea level?

plateau, tabel land or mesa

What is heavier nitrogen or helium?

Nitrogen is the heavier gas (mass of 28) compared to helium (mass of 4).

The end of the Paleozoic era was signaled by what?

mass extinction of land and sea animals

What is different between a land breeze and a sea breeze?

The terms Land Breeze and Sea Breeze refer to the directions from which the breeze comes. The causes of the two different breezes are the relative differences in temperatures of the masses from which they originate. During the day, the land is generally heated to temperatures that exceed the temperature of the adjacent sea causing a flow of air from the cooler sea towards the warmer land where the air is rising. This is called a Sea Breeze because the air is moving from the sea towards the land. Conversely, in the evening as the land mass cools more rapidly than the adjacent water, the flow is reversed and air from the cooler land mass moves towards the warmer (and hence rising) air mass over the sea. This, then, is called a Land Breeze as it moves from the land towards the sea.

Is a lobster heavier than a sea lion?

Sea lions are typically hundreds of times heavier than lobsters.

Can a heavier mass be balanced by a lighter mass?

Yes, on a fulcrum.

What land mass was in the way for the explorers trying to find a sea route to Asia?

The Americas

How does an air mass get moisture?

By evaporation of water from the land or sea surface or by transpiration from plants.

What is heavier sea water or fresh water?

sea water

What is the portion of the land mass that extends into the ocean is called?

A peninsular, isthmus and promentary are all portions of land which extend into the sea.

Are you heavier on a mountain or on the ground?

you are heavier on the mountain. why? because you are exposed to more mass.

Is a balloon heavier with air or not?

Air has mass therefore the balloon is heavier with air

Who is Italian peninsula?

A peninsula is not a who. It is not a person. It is land mass which sticks into a sea or lake and is surrounded by water on three of its four sides and in attached to the rest of the land mass. The Italian peninsula is Italy. Italy is a peninsula which protrudes into the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the difference between sea and gulf?

A sea is just a mass of salt water on the Earth's surface, a Gulf is a portion of a sea partially enclosed by land

How do harbors form?

Harbors form when there is land movement due to volcanic or glacial action and there is a sea level change. The land mass movements leave a deep water mass that is surrounded by land on either side.

Is Spain a subcontinent?

Spain is not a subcontinent because a subcontenent is a big land mass surrounded by sea.

Which object has more mass?

The heavier one has.

Are objects heavier on Venus' or Mars?

They are heavier on Venus due to it's larger mass.

Is wind heavier inland or out at sea?

the same

Is h2s heavier than nitrogen?

Molecular mass of H2S is 34g per mole.Molecular mass of N2 is 28.So H2S is heavier.

What is the land mass?

A land mass is an area of land, such as a continent.