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Which is higher a ba degree or a ma degree?


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A MA degree is higher than a BA degree. A BA degree only requires 4 years of college. A MA degree requires 6 years at college.


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A BS degree is not higher than a BA degree. Both of the degrees require you to have a four year college degree.

You would first list the Bachelor's Degree (either a BA or a BS). Then list the Master's Degree (MA), and finally the Doctorate degree (PhD). The degree listed at the end is the highest (and most-impressive).

A French degree is a university degree that majors in French language. It may be BA or MA, majoring in French.

ou ba ma (oh-ba-ma) OR ao ba ma (ow-ba-ma)

I believe you are referring to a bachelors degree (BA) which is undergraduate course work, a masters of arts (MA) and a masters in science (MS). The MA and MS are advanced degrees and considered graduate course work.

Yes, most people seeking an MBA will have a BA already (or a BS). It is a graduate degree, where as BA is an undergraduate degree. An MBA is a Master's degree (of Business Administration). A BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree. A BS is Bachelor of Science.

Scottish MA is an extra year of Hons study after completion of BA syllabus in the fourth year. It is therefore considered to be a superior degree.

An MA is a Master of Arts and BS is a Bachelors of Science. The Masters degree requires a higher level of education than a Bachelor degree does.

You do not need an associate degree before you get a bachelor of arts degree. However, you need a BA to plus excellent grades to get into a mater of arts program.

Within higher education, a BA stands for a "bachelor of arts" degree, which is a four year program of study.

Depending on the program, it may be possible to attain a MA in religion without having a BA in religion (rather, you'd start the program with a BA or BS in another discipline). But you will need a bachelor's degree in at least one discipline before starting any MA program.

In higher education, a bachelor of arts (BA) degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study fall. If the BM refers to a bachelor in music, then that would be one of the specific programs under the BA degree type.

The PhD is the highest degree in the world and there is nothing beyond it. It is attained after achieving a BA or BS, then an MA or MS, and PhD (all in the same field).

6. Four for the BA/BS and another 2 for the MA/MS

They are both equivalent degrees. One is not higher than the other. It's just that one is an arts degree while the other a science degree.

Hope by BA you mean a Bachelors Degree. After one a person can either apply for a MA that's a Masters or just get a job by applying in the field of there study and start working.

No. A "BA(Hons)" is still a bachelors degree, but it may, depending on the country, indicate a higher grade achievment, or additional or special courses, or a fourth year of study... ...again, it just depends on the country. The United States does not have the "BA(Hons)" degree. It's a decidedly European, UK, and South African sort of thing; sometimes an Australian, depending on the part of the country, sort of thing.

Depends on the degree. A BS/BA, MA/MS have no title, but a PhD has a title of Dr.

first obtain a BA/ MA from an Islamic univeristy, then complete a law degree

I would not think of it as better. Each has their own purpose and scope. However, the bachelor's degree is considered a higher degree.

Typically, it is a bachelor of arts degree (BA).

A BA is a Bachelor of Arts, which is indeed a university degree.

In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)In the world of academia, it stands for a bachelor of arts degree (BA)

I've never heard of "BA Psychology." You get a Bachelor's Degree IN Psychology, and Bachelor's Degree is abbreviated: BA... I have a BA in Psychology.

A "BA" is a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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