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Q: Which is less expensive to build a pool with gunite or schockcrete?
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Why rooms are in general rectangular or square in shape?

it is less expensive to build.

Why were tenements constructed as tall narrow buildings?

To make them less expensive to build

Why is a packet switching network generally less expensive?

Packet switching networks are often cheaper to build as less equipment is needed given this ability to share.

Is there anything you can do to make a gunite pool less scratchy?

You can try wet sanding the rough areas.

Why did the nabataeans build petra?

The nabateans created petra because an ancient god called Jazmin Leuytone thought that the world needed a town made of rock and that it would be less expensive to build.

Is it less expensive to preorder heartgold than to buy it when it comes out?

It is not any less expensive, but it isn't any more expensive either.

Is a gunite or shotcrete?

Gunite was first used in early 1900's and this process is mostly used for pneumatical application of mortar of less thickness.Shotcrete is recent development on the similar principle of guniting for achieving greater thickness with small coarse aggregates.

Is there a difference in building cost per square foot if you build on an at ground slab rather than basement foundation?

Definetly less expensive to build on a slab, but you also don't get the added sq footage of the basement.

Can an inground vinyl pool be changed to a gunite pool?

Yes, this can be done however, basically the only thing you can use from your vinyl pool is the actual 'hole' and maybe equipment. The cost is not much less than having a new gunite pool built.

What are the advantages of a fiberglass pool vs a gunite pool?

A fiberglass pool requires less maintenance, less repairs structurally in the future, is quick to install, and is good for smaller pools. Gunite pools are better for a pool deeper than 8 feet, custom shapes, and is a bit harder on the feet than a fiberglass pool.

How much it cost to build the house in ontario?

Sometimes building a home is less expensive than buying a home. The cost varies based on the product price and labor prices. To build a house it an cost from $2,000 to $200,000+.

Where can I buy a less expensive best rated refrigerators?

You can buy less expensive refrigerators at sears, or Home Depot.

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