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  • Bananas are disgusting
  • They are yellow (gross)
  • They smell bad
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Which is more popular apple banana or orange?


What has more vitamins an apple or a banana?

Banana has more vitamin than apple. banana has potasium and lots of vitamins you can gain by eating banana.

Does an apple have more mass than an banana?

yes, you dumm o a banana has more mass than a apple (dumm pips) -_-

What are the healthiest an apple an orange an banana?

banana is more better

Which has more potassium a banana or an apple?

Bananas have more potassium than an apple.

What is more good for you an apple or banana?

A apple because it helps u

What rots faster an apple or banana?

A banana because it is more exposed to decomposers.

Will a apple ripen more rapidly than a banana more than a lemon?

A banana will ripen (and go bad) faster than an apple, and last would be a lemon.

An apple costs the same as 2 oranges a banana and an orange cost 10 cents more than an apple 2oranges cost 15 cents more than a banana cost for each fruit?

Apple = $0.50 Banana = $0.35 Orange = $0.25

How can you balance an apple and banana?

Put a banana on your head and the apple on your arm..

Is there more sugar in an apple or banana?

Apples... they have 23 grams of sugar...... and a banana has 17 grams of sugar.

What rots faster an apple or a banana?

the banana....

What are the five most popular fruits?

My list of five favorites:applebananacherryorangestrawberry

Different types of desserts?

There is banana pudding , banana split strawberry cream pie banana muffins banana pie apple pie kiwi lime pie and there are many more

What browns faster a banana or an apple?

A apple

Which is better for you an apple or a banana?

an apple because it has more vitamins.eating a banana is like eating a pizza but a bit less. EAT APPLES. THEY ARE HEALTHY Don't you remember your parents say "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Would an apple beat a banana in a fight?

no way. A banana would kill the apple no problems =)

What rottens faster apple or banana?

The Banana will rot much faster than the Apple.

Which one stays fresher apple or banana?


Does placing an apple with a banana affect the bananas ripeness?

No, but the banana affects the apple's ripeness- the APPLE grows quicker. The banana grows normally.

What turn brown faster a an apple or banana?


What fruit has the most water banana or apple?


What is better for you an apple banana or pineapple?

An apple is better.

What molds faster in a brown bag apple or banana?


What fruit will rotten first banana apple or strawberry?