Which is more toxic a small scorpion or a large scorpion?

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All scorpions have venom; let's just get that out of the way. Their venom is not a defensive mechanism (meaning, they didn't evolve it to protect themselves from us), it's how they catch their prey. This means their venom is adapted to neutralizing the things they normally eat -- namely, invertebrates. So first off, a scorpion's venom isn't really tailored to affecting humans. Very small scorpions such as the bark scorpion found in Southern Florida can sting and the sting is painful -- but, like a bee sting, goes away with little more than localized swelling. The issue with very small scorpions is they literally cannot inject enough venom to affect a large human. Think of dropping a single drop of red food dye into a big bucket. There's so much water you won't even see the color. On the flip side, very big scorpions tend to rely on their pincers more than their venom to neutralize prey as pincers are not as costly as venom and don't require them to constantly replace them. Therefore, their venom is weaker and not nearly as potent. The best predictor of how strong a scorpion's venom is is not the size of the scorpion but rather the size of their pincers in relation to their body. An emporer scorpion, for example, is huge, but has huge bulky pincers and very, very weak venom. Another scorpion with more slender, delicate pincers is not using their pincers to catch their prey and will have a more powerful venom. Always remember that if you'll be travelling to a place with scorpions, do a quick check on the local species to get an idea of what level of danger they pose as well as what precautions you should take in dealing with them (not leaving clothes on the ground, shaking out shoes before putting them on, etc). Many scorpions are harmless or pose very little threat, but there are a few deadly kinds -- but most importantly, a scorpion won't bother you if you don't bother it.
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What is a scorpion?

1st of all, a scorpion can be.... -A very dangerous animal, that can poision a person by stinging them.. -A cheerleading stunt, where you pull your leg over your head, It can be very difficult.

Are there scorpions In the UK?

Yes. Loads of them in pet shops. And one species in the wild - Euscorpius flavicaudis , commonly known as the European Yellow-Tailed Scorpion . Migrated to the UK about 200 years ago, a few colonies can be found in South-East England.

Can a scorpion kill another scorpion?

Yes in fact male Scorpions kill other males to attract a mate. they will kill each other with its own venom They can't kill each other with venom, as all scorpions are immune to their and other scorpion venom. They sting each other to death. Yes. They actoually eat each other

How does a scorpion smell?

Scorpions don't "smell" as mammals do. They rather sense chemical trails and pheromones left on the ground by using two feather-like structures called pectines under the body.

Are scorpions endangered?

No, most insects or arachnids are not endangered because of the simple fact that they reproduce so quickly and because there is approximately 14-17 insects or arachnids per person on the planet.

Does scorpion have a brother?

Scorpion form Mortal Kombat does not have a brother. Sub-Zero isthe one who has a younger brother who was killed by Scorpion.

Do scorpions have ears?

No they dont they have sencory hairs that feel vibration telling them that prey is near

Is scorpion an insect?

No, a scorpion is not considered to be an insect. A scorpion isconsidered to be an arachnid. This is because the scorpion has 8legs instead of 6 legs.

How do scorpions breath?

Scorpions have a six-segmented abdomen. On the underside of each of the last four segments are small paired openings called stigmata. These openings allow air to enter and leave the lung-sacs inside the abdomen.

Are there scorpions in Ohio?

I don't know for sure if there are scorpions in Ohio, however I was climbing a very rocky/dirt cliff at the Metro Park in Euclid, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) and something crawled out and stung me on my left arm. I never saw what it was. My entire arm went numb. There was minor pain and some swelling ( Full Answer )

Brown small scorpions?

There actually is a scorpion named, "the small brown scorpion", Pseudouroctonus apacheanus . I assume that you have the name right, and that you're asking about first aid, so here goes:. Like most arachnidae, scorpions are venomous -- it's how they hunt and defend. The Small Brown Scorpion, indige ( Full Answer )

Small white scorpions?

Small white scorpions resemble adult scorpions. A young scorpionrequires five to seven molts to reach maturity. The color white isa form of albinism.

What is more poisonous snakes or scorpions?

There are less scorpions that are capable of killing a Human than there are snakes who can deliver fatal poison.. Most scorpions have weaker venom than snakes - they use their pincers to capture prey and sting it to death as well as tear it apart. Snakes have no other limbs to rely on, so their ve ( Full Answer )

Are small brown scorpions common in Georgia?

Yes, from what I understand they are. They are called a Southern Devil. The bites is likened to a bee sting, but should be treated, especially if they bite a small child. I have recently found 2 in my home. They come in looking for moisture.

Are white scorpions more poisonouse than black scorpions?

It doesn't matter what color the scorpion is. The most dangerous scorpion is the Death Stalker and it's not white it's a very light brown. Venom toxicity varies from genus to genus and species to species. The color of the scorpion does not depend on how toxic the venom is it depends on the scorpion ( Full Answer )

How large is a black emperor scorpion?

Not too big. As adults they get approximately 5 inches in length. They would do fine in a ten or twenty gallon tank. They are one of the easiest pet scorpions to care for.

How toxic are scorpions to humans?

Scorpion venom varies in it's species, And whether the owner/victim has allergies. The most common household scorpion is the "Emperor scorpion" or Pandinus Imperator, Which has ultimately weak venom. Around about the same quality as a bee sting. A much more dangerous species such as the "Deathstalke ( Full Answer )

What can a scorpion do?

Well, I don't know about most scorpions, but my pet one can juggle, hula hoop and eat a whole ham in ten seconds. His name is Harry.

Are scorpions more poisonous than spiders?

Yah, 'guess so. But, i once like heard of one... it was" something" Black... a black spi- no the black widow!They're really really friendly... why dont you go find one?

Is it true that the smaller the scorpion the more venomous it is?

The bigger the scorpion the more venom it have. The smaller the scorpion the less venom it have. This is because small scorpions carry less venom than their adults because the small scorpions venom move slower in our body or blood. VISIT MY WEBSITE........www.worldquest.com

Are smaller scorpions more dangerous?

yes they are because they have more poison packed in them and have to let a lot out in one go so the pain will hurt more then a bigger scorpion! so beware of the little dagers!

What is the personality of a scorpion?

very angry and vicious . can i just say that i had one over 4 tea the other day and has very nice manners and always flushed the toilet after big_jobs.

Why do scorpions have poison?

Answer 1 To kill creatures that eat them, or try to eat them. Even of the scorpion is eaten, the predator also dies or gets pretty sick. Eventually, predators have learned not to mess around with scorpions, thus keeping the population scorpions intact and breeding more scorpions.. Answer 2 Veno ( Full Answer )

How do you get a scorpions to fight?

Scorpions areonly active at night. making them fight another insect during the day wont be a good idea for the scorpion

Are there scorpions in Arkansas?

Yes there absolutely are scorpions in Arkansas. The only species found in AR is the striped bark scorpion, and they tend to come out in April, May, and June. My wife and I counted 19 in our house last summer :O.

Are there scorpions in Malawi?

Yes. You'll get these small brown fellas in the house (knock out shoes before wearing and never walk barefoot, especially at night when you can't see them) and bigger, darker, more armoured ones around water (near the lake etc.). They aren't that common though, I have lots of family there and only o ( Full Answer )

What is a scorpions species?

The scorepion is a lot of spices so their a small kinds and a big kinds a big kinds is not much powers and a small kinds is a lot of powers.

How can scorpions be destroyed?

Scorpions can be destroyed one of two ways, silver bullets or a stake directly through it's heart.

How small can a scorpion be?

The smallest scorpions are of the Microtityus genus and can be as small as 12mm, these scorpions are found in the Caribbean and South America.

Who is better scorpion or scorpion?

subzero and scorpion are both really good but subzero is better because he shoots ice out of his body he becomes a cyborg and he is in every mortal kombat game

Can a scorpion marry a another scorpion?

Scorpions are insects, and marriage does not happen in the animal kingdom! They MATE with each other of course, otherwise the species would be extinct, but marriage is an exclusively human phenomenon. You must be asking about the astrological starsign ScorpiO- anybody of any astrological sign can m ( Full Answer )

What are scorpions?

Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals of the order Scorpiones within the class Arachnida. . They have eight legs and are easily recognized by the pair of grasping claws and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous sti ( Full Answer )

What does a scorpion eat and what eats a scorpion?

Scorpions are opportunistic and will eat a variety of insects,spiders, centipedes, lizards and even mice. They will also eatother scorpions. Scorpions are preyed upon by other scorpions, tarantulas, lizards,birds, bats, shrews and mice.