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They are the same

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Q: Which is smaller Br or Br?
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Is F- smaller than Br-?


Does Br- Br I or I- have the smallest radius?

Neutral atoms are smaller than negatively charged ions of the same element.Bromine is smaller than iodine.So neutral bromine would have the smallest radius of the species listed.

What has the smallest radius from I Br Br I?

Br, not Br-

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Which of these elements has the smallest atomic radius?

The answer choices for this question wasn't provided. Oxygen has the smallest atomic radius. The higher the electronegativity in an element makes the atomic radius smaller.

Which is more polar bond Br-Cl or Br-I?


Which has more polar bond Br-Cl or Br-I?


How do draw Lewis structure for IBr3?

.. .. Br - I - Br Br

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Which has the more negative electron affinity br or br?

Br for sure!

What is the lewis structure for AlBr3?

Br-Al-Br l Br

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What is the structural formula for bromine?

Bromine is an element, Br. Br2 Br - Br

What are the multiples of 377?


What is the oxidation number of Br in Br?

-2 for each O, +5 for Br

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