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Depends entirely on the quality of the cloth

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Q: Which is stronger skin or cloth?
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What are the uses of whale skin?

klk it can be use for cloth

What did the western great plain Indians wear?

Men usually wore animal skin leggings, a loin cloth (a small piece of cloth or skin worn between the legs) and a belt (to hold the loin cloth). When it was cold, they wore buffalo skin on their shoulders. Women and girls wore dresses made of deerskin.

What is stronger cloth or bunch of plastic bags?

Well that is a vague question that really depends on what kind of cloth you are referring to, what kind of plastic bag and what you define as a bunch.

What did Indians use red fox skin for?

Indians use Red Fox skin for clothes and for cloth and for a bed

Does a snake have slime?

If you mean on their skin, no - a snake feels much like satin cloth when you touch it's skin.

What did the Apaches wear?

they wear Buffalo skin and moccasins and loan cloth

What do you use lion skin for?

For using my cloth like shive shankar

How do you remove water-based paint from your skin?

Paint can be removed from our skin with the help of oil, dry cloth or cloth dipped in oil. Then, after removing colour from our hand, wash with soap solution and water.

What is a benefit of eating meat and beans?

Meat helps your skin be stronger to protect skin from cuts Beans help your heart be stronger. :D It's been proved :D

Is SPF 50 good for skin?

Yes, it is fine. If you have fair skin you can wear an even stronger SPF.

What do the huli tribe wear?

Bull skin vest, groin cloth or nothing!! :)

What to do if you get paint thinner on your skin?

Baking soda & warm water with a clean cloth

Does spraying cologne on fabric ruin the cloth?

No, it is not. If it is not good for your clothes it will not be good on your skin.

A course jute fabric?

Hessian is a coarse cloth manufactured from the skin of jute plants. In the United States and Canada, this cloth is also called burlap.

How do you make skin smooth and fresh looking?

Exfoliate your skin regularly. A rough wash cloth will clean dead skin off the body. It works well for the face too and is much cheaper than expensive creams. Just wet the cloth (or loofah) and scrub lightly. Dry skin and apply plain olive oil. Your skin will glow and there will be no greasy feeling.

How do you embroider your own skin?

You would embroider your own skin the same way that you would a cloth. This however is a very dangerous process.

What kind of cloth did early settlers wear?

They wore buckskin (deer skin) and wore animal skin, they tanned it and sewed it together

What material is the best for making cloth diapers?

The best for making cloth diapers is cotton. Cotton is softer for babies skin and they are easier to soak and clean. The best way to dry cloth diapers is line dry.

What are the advantages of buying cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers do not have any chemicals in them (unlike disposable ones), they are soft on the babies skin, recycleable, does not cause dryness or rashes.

What are things the Cherokee Indians did?

they liked to hunt and do crafts and their cloth is made of animal skin

How to remove bleach off your skin?

To get bleach off your skin, run under water for about 15 minutes, but do not scrub or use soap. Then pat skin dry with a soft cloth.

Who has the skin stronger the girls or boys?

Skin is skin. There are no differences based on sex. Men tend to develop tougher skin because many work in rougher environments, but women can develop this same tough skin.

Who is stronger bowser or wario?

Bowser is because of his tough skin and hard shell

Why are acids describes as corrosive?

Corrosive means that they eat away at skin, cloth and even metals.

What was men's fashion like in between 1971-1975?

Lion cloth made out of zebra skin.