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It all depends on your playing style

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How good are chaos space marines?

They Are The Second Best 40k Army Below Tau And Just Above Necrons

Which will be best Army National Guard Army Infantry Army MP Marine Corps MP Marine Corps infantry?

Of the list that you have provide, the marine corps infantry is the best.

Which army is the best?

There's none! But if you ask me the best army is the marauding forces of Chaos! But the game is entirely based around finding the army best suited for you.

What is the best weapon for space marine infantry?

The best weapon is the weapon that matches your the set up of the rest of your army. A good combination of weapons is always best. Try some combinations, find your play style.

What is the best Space Marine?

Definately a Demonhunter Grey Knight.

Is Army MP better than Marine MP?

hell no the army is fine but the soldiers in the army compare nothing to the best out their the marines no matter what the mos is.

What is the best Space Marine Chapter?

AnswerThe best space marine chapter is probably the Ultramarines. Every one of their heroes is very powerful and they have of tough infantry. Also their Heavy armor packs a good punch to any infantry or tank that crosses their path. Last but not least , the Ultramarine chapter can be fielded with pretty much every Imperial army unlike the Dark Angels and Howling Griffons chapters.

What are all the warhammer 40k armies?

The armies are space marines, chaos space marines, orks, chaos daemons, eldar, dark eldar,gray knights, imperial guard, necrons(the best), sisters of battle, tau empire and tyranids.

What is the best warhammer 40k army for beginners?

Space Marines. They are the most versatile army in Warhammer 40k.

What is the best space marine army?

It all depends on your playing style, some Chapters focus on firepower while others in long range weapons, some in short range weapons, others in close combat. Read up on the armies, experiment a little, then you'll find the right army for you.

Which is the best warhammer character?

Space Marine Terminators, as they have an armor save of 2+ and hit most things on a 3+

What is the best branch of the military to join?

The Marine Corps offers challenges no other branch of service in the U.S. has, the Marine Corps is one of the toughest and best in the World. Understand, the Army, Navy, and Air Force in their own rights are the best in the world at their particular craft, the Marines is more physically demanding therefore I say it is the best.

Best college for marine engineering in chennai?

which is the best college for marine engineerring in chennai?

Warhammer 40k question which is better Imperial guard or Necrons?

AnswerWell half of it depends on who you will play against and the other depends if you like it or no. Space Marine - These guys it doesn't matter. Chaos Marine - These guys it doesn't matter. Ork - Long ranged weapons like tau (IG). Eldar - Try some close combat and some ranged (N) Dark Eldar - Ranged (IG) Tyranid - my brother has this and i am space marine i shoot half of his army down but then he kills me with his close combat guys so you would want a variety (N) Tau - Need close combat guys but either way tau has the best fire power and will easily kill close combat guys (N) N = Necron IG = Imperial Guard

What is the best warhammer 40k space marine tank?

It really depends on what army you are versing. The best tank (as most people would say) is one of the Land Raiders. I disagree. I think that the predators are better. You can give them full on lascannons against strong guys or autocannon and heavy bolters against heaps of crappy guys.

Which is the best definition for the term marine archaeology?

Which is the best definition for the term marine archaeology

What army is best to use against chaos space marines?

You need to counter the player's style not just the army they play. If the army uses a lot of psychic powers field librarians, if it's daemon heavy use Grey Knights. If they use Thousand sons, counter them with artificer armor or terminators. Plague marines are countered with high strength weapons, such as plasma weapons, meltas, lascannons. Infantry heavy armies can be countered by tanks and walkers.

Who is best trained in combat the US Marines or the US Army?

Both receive excellent training. Marine training is considered to be more intense and lasts longer. Even Marine pilots receive training in the Basic school for six months to insure that every Marine is first off, a Rifleman.

What is the best space marine 40k bike?

It depends on your playing style, but the Dark Angel's Master of the Ravenwing rides a jet bike that has a plasma cannon on it.

What is the best marine biology college?

The best school for marine biology is located in Florida it is called the Atlantic university.

What is the best Necron army?

There's no such thing as the best army.

Why is marine animals important?

roblox keeps marine life alive :D :Problox IS THE BEST

What is the best space Marine ship?

I Would say the Thunderhawk from Forge world, mainly because it's massive but costs loads of money like 299£

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