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Which is the best and most current programming language for writing a GUI web-based finance software for banks?


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"GUI web-based" limits your choices to Java (JSP), ASP.NET and PHP.


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The best current programming language is Python and Ruby.

The KML programming language includes specifications for features for viewing in Google Earth, Maps and Mobile and other geobrowser programs. The current specification for KML is 2.2.

The current standard is ISO/IEC 9899:2011, informally known as C11.

HTML is the best one, now many had come like xml,ria,. etc --- to whoever answered this: HTML is not a programming language, it's a presentation language. XML is a data description language. There is no "best" language (is Russian better than Chinese?). Each and every one is intended to accomplish a task. That applies in game design and programming. If you are a starter, I would recommend you Python + Pygame, being python a wide-all purpose programming language, simple, quick and accessible, and pygame a simple graphic library for starters. R

1.First Generation Programming LanguageFirst generation of programming language refers to machine language. Machine language is lower level language which uses object code (some times also known as machine code). Object code is the combination of binary digits. These languages directly talk to hardware.2.Second Generation Programming LanguageSecond generation of languages is also low level language which is known as assembly language. Assembly languages are the interface between Machine level languages and High level languages.3.Third Generation Programming LanguageThird Generation programming languages are High level Programming languages like JAVA & C.4.Fourth Generation Programming LanguageThis is the set of current generation programming languages. These languages are similar or closer to human languages.General characteristics of 4GL are:i.Closer to human languagesii.Portableiii.Database supportiveiv.simple and requires less effort than 3GLv.Non proceduralDifferent types of 4 GL are:a. Query Generatorb. Report generatorc. Form Generatord. Application Generatore. GUI Generatorf. Relational Database Manager5.Fifth Generation Programming LanguageLanguages used for writing programs for Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Plasma Computing etc. come under 5GL. This is the future of programming language.

Java is the most powerful language used for current mobile phone and also other languages are used like symbion . it is widely used in various cell phone manufacturer like nokia, samsung, and LG and etc. java is Object oriented programming system.

This question cannot be answered as new languages are created all the time for a wide variety of reasons. Nobody can keep current on this.

As it is unclear to me how you define "generation" with reference to computers, I cannot determine the boundaries needed to answer your question. I was taught at least four different systems for classifying computer generations:Hardware:Vacuum tube circuitryTransistor circuitryIntegrated circuitryMicroprocessor circuitryMulticore processor circuitrySoftware:Machine language programmingAssembly language programmingCompiler language programmingStructured programmingObject oriented programmingArchitectural:Fetch/Execute cycleOverlapped cycle (allows new instruction to fetch while current executes)Pipeline/queue multiinstruction cycleSIMD/Vector/Array processingMIMD/multithread/multicore processingTimeline:Early, 1946-19581958-19641964-19711971-...There was always debate as to exact boundaries of the generations in all these systems.

Careers in the information technology industry can span a wide range of fields. Many of the jobs that are available fall into the software development category. This type of position requires basic computer knowledge and a degree in computer science or information systems. Additionally, applicants have a better chance of acquiring a job if they have a professional certification in a particular programming language, or some type of accreditation that proves the individual is qualified to work with a particular system or hardware. More than some other fields, previous professional software development experience can be used as a substitute for certain educational requirements, especially if there is an actual product available as part of a resume. One important aspect of most software development positions is the ability of a candidate to work in the specific programming language being used for a project. Computer science courses often provide specializations in a language, such as C or Java. Certain professional associations and sometimes even the developers of the programming language itself offer testing and certifications to give programmers evidence of their competency in a language. Beyond just the language, however, many positions require a specific type of programming such as network programming, application programming, or programming for embedded systems. These are areas that are often learned through experience more than through coursework. As technology advances, software development and system administration positions continue to grow. The fastest growing positions are those that are tied to current and new technologies, where companies are hiring new developers in an attempt to create the first applications or tools for a platform. Existing positions within the industry can be retained only through constantly keeping abreast of changes with technology and programming language libraries. Some areas of software development actually fall partly into other employment categories such as telecommunications or infrastructure development with real-time and embedded systems. The salary for software development professionals is generally above average. The salary can rise with experience, seniority, and with the successful completion of projects over time. If an employee has a particularly popular piece of software attached to their name or company, then the salary can rise even higher. Lower-level development jobs tend to vary greatly in pay rates, which are based mostly on the regional economy and the actual project requirements.

By installing new versiof the current software

Depending on which software you have,you may be able to intergrate Quickbooks.

PHP is a programming language that is used to generate dynamic web pages based on user requests and other data that changes such as store inventory, current news, or time of day.

Current singers in what language?

The current trends in software design are quite diverse as the need arises. Customization of software seems to have become a common trend as every organization is looking for tailor-made applications.

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Because programming can change at any time, there is no specific answer. You can view the link in sources to view our programming packages which include our current channel selections.

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Ada is a structured, statically typed, imperative, and object-oriented high-level computer programming language, extended from Pascal and other languages. It was originally designed by a team led by Jean Ichbiah of CII Honeywell Bull under contract to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) from 1977 to 1983 to supersede the hundreds of programming languages then used by the DoD. Ada is strongly typed and compilers are validated for reliability in mission-critical applications, such as avionics software. Ada is an international standard; the current version (known as Ada 2005) is defined by joint ISO/ANSI standard (ISO-8652:1995), combined with major Amendment ISO/IEC 8652:1995/Amd 1:2007. Ada was named after Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), who is often credited as being the first computer programmer.[1]

A software program is simply a program that is installed or running on a current computer. So yes, Google Chrome is a software program.

Generally an idea which will result in a good video game will be an innovation to a current genre or a new style of gameplay. Preferably more than one new idea per game. The best way to come up with ideas is to understand the programming process and see exactly what its limitations and techniques are, i.e. learn a programming language.

The most current generation of iPod touch is the 4th generation with the 4.3.3 software.

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