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dragonite is the strongest dragon there is in leafgreen

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โˆ™ 2009-11-08 05:53:31
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Q: Which is the best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What is the best dragon Pokemon in LeafGreen version?


What is the best dragon-like Pokemon in LeafGreen with no trades?

Well , true dragon is a dragonite, or you can have look alikes, such as : Gyarados Aerodactyl Charizard

Where ice beat dragon in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where can you get the TM dragon dance in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there isn't a TM for dragon dance

When does dragonair learn dragon rush in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonair does not learn Dragon Rush in Pokemon Leafgreen. However, it can learn the move in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum at level 39.

Where can you find the TM dragon claw in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In meteor falls.

Best Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think its moltres

What are the best Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I guess Zapdos

What is the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think Charmander is because he evolves into a dragon later and is the only fire and flying type starter when he evolves into charizard

Where can you find dragon pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

safari zone (fishing wit supe rod)

What does the dragon scale do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

if you give it to seadra then trade it it will evolve into kingdra

Where in Pokemon LeafGreen is TM dragon claw?

victory road victory road

What Pokemon is best to battle lance in Pokemon LeafGreen?


What are the best Pokemon's in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

the best Pokemon are mewto and the rarest Pokemon ever mew.

What is the best dragon-like team in Pokemon LeafGreen with no trades?

There isn't a way you can get a full good dragon type team without trading unless you want more than one of a specific dragon Pokemon being either Kingdra or Dragonite.

Best starter in Pokemon LeafGreen?


What is the best water Pokemon for LeafGreen?


What is the best way to get jirachi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

== == == == === ===

Who has the best walkthrough for Pokemon LeafGreen?


Which are the best moves for gyrados in Pokemon LeafGreen?

probably surf,hydro pump,crunch,and maybe dragon rage depending on how far you are in the game

What is the best Pokemon to catch in LeafGreen?

There is no best Pokemon to catch, as you train each individually.

In Pokemon LeafGreen which Pokemon is the best of all?

Ho oh, definitely

Where are the best water Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Blastoise, Starmie and Gyrados!

What and Where is the best water Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The best water type would be Kyogre but you can't get it in leafgreen you need to get one from sapphire or emerald other than that the best water Pokemon is blastoise.

What do you get after beating the Pokemon tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

All you get is an evolution item, like metal coat or dragon scale