Which is the best forex strategy?

Forex is a very risky business ,why stress yourself for a stratergy that millions of people have tried and failed.it is a caution in one of the forex trading siters that forx is not for everyone,hte market and exchange rates are too unstable and you cannot control that.

While forex is indeed risky, if you do want to test the waters, the best way to start is with a simulated account before you risk any real money. Successful forex traders usually trade based on automated strategies, sometimes called "black box" strategies or algorithmic trading. This is because the window of opportunity is often extremely narrow, sometimes too narrow for any type of manual process to succeed. The best way to succeed is to review several of these forex strategies, which are often available by subscription, monitor historical success, and put through a simulated trading period to determine likelihood of future success.

Correct, trading forex can be risky and is mandatory to practice forex in demo trading accounts before getting started trading real money.

About Forex trading strategy, I want to say that there are automated forex strategies that you can use (forex robots, also known as expert advisors). These forex robots are software preset with trading paraments: Go long (buy) or go short (sell), choose currency pairs, etc.

Each forex robot counts with unique parameters, and you can also fine tune them to your own trading attitude. Besides, you can also trade forex manually, mechanically. For this to be done you certainly have to be a bit more experienced and be longer time in front of the screen monitoring your trades.

There are plenty of forex robots (expert advisors) and mechanical forex trading strategies in the markte... some good, some not recommended at all!

If you wish to get into Forex trading, you need to have an ideal mindset. An ideal mindset in for a Forex Trader basically aims at adopting a sound mental attitude, which makes you focused on your target, highly confident, well disciplined as well as well versed in overcoming fear or anxiety. An ideal mindset also allows the forex traders to follow certain effective trading strategies that are considered to be a part of winning factors while trading in forex market. If you are certain you have an ideal mindset to get started into the Forex Trading Market, then learn forex where you can have all the information you need.