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You have to consult the gynecologist for that. This in not very simple thing to tell in yes or no manner. There are multiple factors that play the role. That has to be decided by an expert.

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Q: Which is the best medicine to eliminate unwanted pregnancy?
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What can be done against an unwanted pregnancy?

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to use birth control such as the contraceptive pill and or condoms. If you find yourself pregnant unexpectedly and are not ready to become a mother, it may be possible to abort the pregnancy.

Can pregnancy be stopped after 1 week?

Yes pregnancy can easily be terminated after 1 week with the help of MTP kit which contains 1 mifepristone and 4 misoprostol pills, these all medicines results in termination of unwanted pregnancy.MTP kit, the best and effective way to get unwilling pregnancy terminated. Women who are facing pregnancy without any planning can should buy MTP kit misoprostol mifepristone pills. Mifeprex is also very useful medicine to eliminate pregnancy. You can also buy mifeprex mifepristone online from OnlineDrugPills online pharmacy site at affordable prices.

What is the best medicine to destroy third week pregnancy?

Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol.

Which software is best to eliminate background noise in a movie file?

The best way to eliminate unwanted noise in a video file is to separate the audio into its own file and run it through filters in an audio editing program like Sound Forge.

Can 4 weeks pregnancy be terminated by pills?

Yes MTP kit can terminate your unwanted pregnancy easily. An unwanted pregnancy can create lots of issues and problems in women's life. Women who don't want baby are sugegsted to buy MTP Kit mifepristone misoprostol at best prices from OnlineDrugPills online pharmacy site.

Does Ibuprofen cause miscarriages?

During pregnancy , the best students to not use . Ibuprofen is a strong anti-fever medicine . Have a significant impact on the fetus .

Is medicine velosef safe in pregnancy?

Well it depends on what person you are so the best advise is speak to your doctor about it he doesn't help then check on the packaging.

If pregnant what pain medicine is ok?

This question is best answered by your ob/gyn doctor. But there is info that says Tylenol is okay throughout your pregnancy.

What is the best medicine to end pregnancy?

Mifepristone aka the abortion pill, followed the next day by Misosprostol. They are on prescription and given directly by your doctor.

How can you avoid unwanted pregnancies?

If I want to avoid unwanted pregnancies, it's best to use protection.

What is the best faculty of medicine in the world?

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