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Which is the best school in Richmond BC?

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Quilchena elementary school.

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What is the largest high school in Richmond?

The largest high-school in richmond bc is "Richmond Highschool". sources: my brain

Where Richmond BC is Canada or US?

Richmond, BC is in Canada

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Richmond BC?

what is the lowest temperature recorded in Richmond, BC?

Best cross country team ever?

The best cross country team ever were the Richmond Burton Rockets from Richmond Burton High School in Richmond IL = )

How many hours from Vancouver BC to Vernon BC?

How many hours from Richmond bc to Vernon

Where is Howard public school located?

If you mean Howard DeBeck Elementary School, it is located in Richmond, BC 8600 Ash Street, near Heather and Francis.

What is the distance from Vancouver BC to Richmond BC?

12.2 km or 17 mins

Where is the estuary of the Fraser River?

richmond bc

Who is the MLA for Richmond BC?

MLA is a person.

When was Richmond School created?

Richmond School was created in 1361.

What is the driving distance from Richmond BC to Port Coquitlam BC?

About 22 miles / 35.5 km on BC-91E.

Where was first Mcdonald's in Canada located?

Richmond, BC

When was Richmond School of Art created?

Richmond School of Art was created in 1947.

When was Richmond Secondary School created?

Richmond Secondary School was created in 1927.

What are some colleges in Richmond BC?

There are various colleges in Richmond, BC offering different courses. Some of these colleges include; 'Walton College', 'Capital College' and 'Emerson College'.

Are there any Chevy dealers in Richmond BC?

Yes, there are Chevy Dealers in Richmond, B.C. The contact details for Dennison Chevrolet Ltd. is as follows; 13100 Smallwood Place, Richmond, BC V6V 2B6, Canada,(604) 273-4531.

When and where was baseball player Scott Richmond born?

Scott Richmond was born August 30, 1979, in Vancouver, BC, CAN.

What is the distance between Richmond BC and Vancouver island BC?

It is 13.9 miles according to Google Maps.

When was University of Richmond School of Law created?

University of Richmond School of Law was created in 1870.

When did Richmond County School for Girls end?

Richmond County School for Girls ended in 1974.

When was Richmond County School for Girls created?

Richmond County School for Girls was created in 1861.

When was Richmond River High School created?

Richmond River High School was created in 1958.

When was Port Richmond High School created?

Port Richmond High School was created in 1927.

When was New Richmond High School created?

New Richmond High School was created in 1944.

What is considered the best high school and middle school and elementary school in Kelowna BC?

Who cares I don't think school is good at all.