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They are the exact same technology, so one is not actually "better" than the other. Intel Pentium Dual-Cores use the same architecture as the Intel Core 2 Duo, just with a smaller L2 cache size. This makes the Dual-Core slightly slower in intensive applications than a Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed. A Pentium Dual-Core will still outperform a Core 2 Duo of a lower clock rate.

Pentium D's are older Core 2's renamed to promote newer CPU's.

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What is better Processor Genuine Intel Dual Core E2160 or Intel Pentium Dualcore E2200?

Both processors are in the Pentium Dual Core family. The Pentium Dual Core E2200 is better than the other.

Which between Intel Pentium and Intel core is better?

Intel Core

Is an Intel Pentium better than an Intel Pentium D?

No. The Pentium predates the Pentium D by more than a decade.

Which is better Intel celeron m or Intel Pentium dual core?

Pentium Dual-Core is better.

Which is better an Intel Pentium 4 or an Intel Pentium Dual-Core?

Intel Pentium Dual-Core.

Which is better an Intel Pentium III or an Intel Pentium Dual-Core?

The Intel Pentium Dual-Core is much faster.

Which is better Pentium or core 2 duo?

Obviously Intel Core 2 Duo is better than Intel Pentium 4...

Which is better an intel Pentium 4 or an intel i3?

Intel i3 is superior to Pentium 4.

Which is faster an Intel Pentium III or an Intel Pentium 4?

As a whole, the Pentium 4 has a higher maximum performance than a Pentium III. The Pentium III performs the same as or better than Pentium 4 at the same clock speed, but the Pentium 4 has a higher max clock speed (which the Pentium 4 was designed for).

Is Intel Pentium 2.13 GHz better than Intel celeron 2.3GHz?

it seems celeron is better unless Pentium has 2 cores

Pentium 4 3.8ghz 1 gb ram vs Pentium dual core e2200 2.2ghz 1gb ram?

e2200 would be better as it is newer than the Pentium 4 and is dual core while the Pentium 4 is single it has also been proven the e2200 is better than 2 Pentium 4 put together

Which is the better computer when comparing an Intel Pentium and an AMD Athlon?

I can tell you that a AMD Athlon is better for games but a Intel Pentium is better for educational purposes. I'l hope you a answer on your question. Regards, Jack

Is Intel celeron better than Pentium?


What is better an Intel Pentium III or an Intel Celeron?

Celeron doesn't refer to any particular processor series. Celerons were cost-reduced versions of their Pentium equivalents. The Celeron in question could be based on a Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Pentium D, or Core 2 Duo. In which case the answers would be "Pentium 3, Usually Pentium 3, Celeron, Celeron, and Celeron", respectively.

Which is better celeron or Pentium or Intel duo?

Intel Duo is newer and performs better.

Is AMD better than an Intel Pentium processor?

It depends, but usually Intel is better. Older AMD processors (compared against the early Pentium 4) were much faster, however.

Is Pentium 4 2.66GHz Processor is better than Intel dual core 1.66GHz processor?

Look, It depends what you use it for, but generally with these more basic processors, the more GHZ the better. The Pentium 4 is PROBABLY better.

What is better Pentium d 2.86 or core 2 duo 2.66?

Core 2 duo should be better due to fact that it was produced using a better technology (65 nm vs 90 nm). Chech "Sources and related links" below for more information.

What is the difference between now and the 1960's?

Our technology is much better.

Which is better the Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz with HyperThreading or the Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz processor?

The 3.2 GHz processor is slightly better. Please note that all 3.2 GHz Pentium 4s support Hyperthreading, so the 3.2 GHz isn't in any way disadvantaged.

Which is better Intel Pentium or any of the Intel Core processors?

core its faster

Compare Pentium 4 D and Pentium 4 HT?

Pentium D is a dual core processor, while the Pentium 4 HT is a single core that is capable of running two software threads. More simply put, The Pentium D is 2 people each pulling their own wagons, the Pentium 4 HT is one person pulling 2 wagons with lubricated wheels. Over all, the Pentium D is better because it is truly dual core, although the Pentium 4 does a great job of trying.

The differences among between the play stations?

They have better technology than the previous version.

Impact of technology in business communication?

it allows us to better communicate between branches as well as run things better

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