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Paving is made with stone slabs and decking is strips of wood.

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Q: Which is the difference between paving and decking?
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What is the average asphalt paving cost in Colorado?

Depends on what you're having paved. There's a big difference between paving a driveway and paving a section of Interstate highway. If a portable asphalt plant has to be set up, there's a cost associated with it, what type of mix is used affects the cost, etc.

What is roof re-decking?

Removing the existing decking and replacing it with today's decking material.

Where can someone go to learn more about Ipe decking?

You can learn about lpe decking online at the LPE Decking website. In addition to learning about LPE Decking, you can also order parts and services related to decking from this website.

Where can I find DIY decking plans from?

You can find decking plans at DIY decking, im sure they have great decking there. Also there is a place called Gazebo decking and they should be awesome at decking too. decking makes the house appear better so you have made a wise choice to have it part of your home during these weeks of great lovely weather.

What is paving?

Paving is the covering of roads or sidewalks.

What is the suggested joist spacing for composite decking?

The joist spacing required for composite decking will depend on: * the strength of the particular composite decking material chosen * the dimesions of the composite decking material

Is Trex Decking safe for dogs?

is trex decking safe for dogs?

Where can one find some composite decking.?

I need some new composite decking. Where can I find some new composite decking?

Has someone made experience with timbertech decking and can give me a review?

Timbertech decking has great consumer ratings. They are known for having different styles, brands and prices of composite decking. the decking they carry looks more natural than regular PVC decking.

What materials do I need to do composite decking myself?

I am getting ready to re-do my deck with composite decking. What materials will I need to do composite decking? What is the best web site to show me needed materials to do composite decking?

Asphalt Paving?

form_title= Asphalt Paving form_header= Pave with asphalt and save. What is the size of the area?*= _ [50] What are you paving?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old paving?*= () Yes () No

How many square meters is 100lineal meters of decking 136x32?

136x32x100 - the gap between the boards

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