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Which is the first meeting Spider-Man wolverine?


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It was Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 from 1976. Spider-Man teams up with the then "New X-men" including Wolverine. But they don't actually work together solo until #117 in 1982


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who would win spiderman or wolverine .... in a Street fight Wolverine would win but spiderman is stronger faster and has spider sense's, spiderman being smarter

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The three of Wolverine , Spiderman and hulk are Canadians

A fight between Iron Man, Spiderman and Wolverine would consist of Spiderman being knocked out right away, as his strength could not keep up. Iron Man would blast Wolverine over and over, but when he sees that Wolverine can not be killed, he would attempt to trap him instead. This would probably fail, as Wolverine would just tear the suit up with his claws.

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Wolverine thouhg in the past it has been spiderman, batman and superman

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I can answer tht question! Captain America, Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Storm, and Wolverine were the first new avengers.

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wolverine is stronger because he can regenerate and can easily cut spideys web and stab him. also wolverine is tougher than spiderman so that means that wolverine will not give up until spiderrman dies and anyways spidey is week because noone except him dies from the punisher. if that was wolverine he would have regenerated and killed the punisher. so wolverine is stronger

Wolverine first appeared in X-Men (2000), and his first solo movie was X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

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Spiderman shoots webs while Wolverine is practically invincible and has blades coming out of his knuckles... so it's pretty easy to guess the outcome.

Batman would pwn spiderman wolverine is invincible so wolvie would slaughter batsy but it would take a long long long time

Wolverine. Not only is he able to heal all his wounds, he has claws. Friggen claws, man. Spiderman has cool powers, sure, but they're defensive-- his webs can't really be used as a weapon unless he shoots them into someone's mouth to suffocate them. Realistically speaking, of course, such a fight would never occur because Spiderman would take one look at Wolverine and realize that he cannot compare to this pinnacle of manhood.

Marvel superheros that can regenerate are Wolverine, spiderman, and deadpool. DC superheros who can regenerate are flash, superman and wonder woman.

In the order that they came out. Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine first and then watch The Wolverine.

Green Lantern is DC while The Hulk, Spiderman and Wolverine are Marvel Characters. For DC, they have "The Justice League" For Marvel, they have "The Avengers" So for The Avengers, I know for sure Captain America, Thor, Iron Man are in it. I'm not too sure about Spiderman or Hulk or Wolverine. For The Justice League, it's Flash, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and I think there might be more.

Spidey is stronger,faster,tougher,has a healing factor,and spidey sense. Wolverine has unbreakable bones , battle experience , and decades of hand to hand combat training. The answer. Spiderman if the battle was quick and spidey did not toy with him.If the battle goes on for awhile the advantage shifts to wolverine.

wolverine is better than sabertooth cause sabertooth drew the first blood against wolverine

The black spiderman, or known as Venom, has been spiderman's enemy for a long time. He first showed up in the third movie, but he has made more appearances in the cartoon episodes.

All of the Spiderman movies have a PG-13 rating (except for the very first, which is PG).

Wolverine - Hawkman - Ant-Man - Batman - Thunderbunny - Spiderman - Falcon - Black Panther - Catwoman - Phoenix -

The first Spiderman cartoon came out in August 1962 in the comic "Amazing Fantasy #15". Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes.

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