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Force of gravity

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Q: Which is the force that pulls a ball to the ground after being dropped?
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What force pulls a bike downhill?

The force of Gravity. Gravity is the force that pulls everything down to the ground. Hope this helps!

Force that pulls object to the ground?


Which force pulls the marble to the bottom of the glass?

The Earth's gravitational force pulls the marble to the bottom of the glass. It is the same force that keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

What force pulls an object down a slide?

when you're going on a slide you are being pulled toward the ground so it would be gravity.

What force pulls liquids to the ground?

Gravity is actually a pushing factor and it pushes liquids to the ground.

What force pulls a snowboard toward the ground during a jump?


What force pulls an aircraft toward the ground acts against the force of lift in level flight?


All airplanes have mass therefore what force pulls them toward the ground?


What is earths gravity?

The force that pulls objects to the ground.

When a tennis ball is dropped to the ground it does not bounce back to its original height?

This is because...when a ball is dropped onto the ground, some of its energy and momentom is lost due to friction from the surface and when it bounces back....the gravitaton force pulls it downwards.... so it does not bounce back to its original height.if the ball is dropped onto an arena where there is zero gravitaion and friction, it will keep on bouncing back to thr same height.Aakash - IT (3rd Year).

What forces pulls airplanes toward the ground?

The force is gravity. What prevents aeroplanes crashing into the ground is their forward movement into the air due to the uplift created from the shape of the wings.

What is the name of the force that pulls us up?

There is no force that pulls us up. The force that pulls us down is called gravity. If you also consider that we are rotating about the Earth's core, you might think we are being pulled up, but that is incorrect - that is still a force that pulls us towards the focus of angular acceleration. Any perception of a force in the other direction, such as "centrifugal force" or "corialis effect", is actually a reaction force, not a true force. (Newton's First Law of Motion: For every force, there is an equal and opposite (reaction) force)