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the largest living carnivorous land animal is probably a bear.

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Q: Which is the largest carnivorous animal?
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Largest carnivorous animal?

The Sperm Whale, unless you consider krill to be meat...then the Blue Whale is the largest carnivorous animal.

What is the largest carnivorous animal on land?

that would be the Polar Bear

Which is the largest carnivorous land animal?

pretty much the largest carnivorous land animal is Spinosaurus Ageptyicus. They say it can grow 50ft long, 23ft tall, and weigh 9 tons.

What is the biggest animal in Madagascar?

The Fossa is the largest animal in Madagascar. It is a large carnivorous, cat like animal that feeds on Lemurs and is evolved perfectly to hunting.

Which was the largest carnivorous dinosaur?

So far, the largest carnivorous dinosaur we have discovered is the Spinosaurus.

What is the opposite of a carnivorous animal?

A carnivorous animal is one whose diet largely comprises of meat. The opposite of a carnivorous animal is a herbivorous animal. A herbivorous animal eats plants only.

What is the largest carnivorous animal?

in the sea, the "truely" biggest carnivore is the killer whale, and on land its the polar bear

If an animal only eats insects are they carnivorous?

An animal that eats insects is carnivorous, or more exactly, insectivorous.

What is a sentence for the word carnivorous?

A Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant. A carnivorous animal eats other animals.

Is roos a carnivorous animal?


Largest carnivorous dinosaur?


Which is the largest carnivorous fish?


What animal is carnivorous?

any meat-eating animal!

What is the ocean's largest carnivorous?

The largest carnivore in the world is the sperm whale.

What is biggest carnivore in Europe?

The Brown Bear is the largest carnivorous animal in Europe, although Polar Bears are found in European Arctic Islands.

Is a pig a carnivorous animal?

no their not carnivors

What will eat zooplankton?

A carnivorous animal .

Is the hippo a carnivorous animal?

No they are herbivores.

Is crow a carnivorous animal?


Which vegetarian animal has a carnivorous system?

None of course. A carnivorous animal cannot digest plant matter, unlike us omnivores.

If there were no carnivorous animal?

If there were no carnivorous animals man kind would eat one another

Animal -Carnivorous plus Omnivorous plus Herbivorous?

carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous

Wht sort of creature is a carnivorous one?

A carnivorous animal is one which eats meat

What is the largest carnivorous plant?

In terms of size, the largest carnivorous plants are in the genera Nepenthes and Triphyophyllum. The Nepenthes rajah species is one of the largest and can eat frogs, geckos, skinks, and even mice.One of the most amazing carnivorous plants and well known is the Venus flytrap.

What is carnivorous animal?

An animal who's diet consists mostly of meat.