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protista politiko that is the best answer

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What kingdom do diatom belong to?

The more than 8,000 species of diatoms are the largest group in the phylum Chrysophyta of the kingdom Protista.

What are the clear difrerences between kingdom protista and kingdom protozoa?

Protozoans are diverse group of organisms in Kingdom protista.

How kingdom protista is a polyphyletic group of organism?

Kingdom Protista is called polyphyletic group of organism because they do not shear their single common ancester.

Is the kingdom protista a legitimate taxonomic group?

No; it is a polyphyletic group.

What group does paramecium belong to?

It is a group of ciliate protozoa, and it belongs to the Kingdom Protista

Single celled kingdom with nuclei?

The Kingdom Protista has single-cell organisms with nuclei. The protists of Kingdom Protista are the simplest eukaryotes, yet they represent an incredibly diverse group.

What kingdom does amoeba belong to?

Amoeba belongs to the group called Protista

Is the kingdom protista a true clade?

No, the 'Kingdom' Protista is not a clade or monophyletic group at all, most likely. It could be that it should be divided into about 60 separate kingdoms. 'Protista' was used as a catch-all for unclassifyable groups. This surely does not reflect reality and work is under way to properly classify the algae and protista that swarm in this improper group called Protista.

What kingdom are eukaryote belong in?

The Kingdom Protista is is a diverse group made up of mostly unicellular eukaryotes.

What is a phylum the largest category in?

Arthopoda for the Animal Kingdom. Ascomycota for the Fungi Kingdom. Angiosperms for the Plant Kingdom. Frimicutes for the Bacteria Kingdom. Autotrophs for the Protista Kingdom.

Which of the images represent the protista kingdom?

image of kingdom protista

What is the largest group of micro organisms?

The largest group of organisms is phylum and I sware to God this is the correct answer.I'm Pretty sure the answer is protista.

Is kingdom protista unicellular or multicellular?

It contains both. Kingdom Protista is a large and very diverse group of organisms and can live as unicellular, multicellular, and in some cases, colonial cells.

What is a kingdom?

animalia protista

What part of the protista kingdom is the paramecium?

It is in the ciliate part of the protista kingdom.

What is the largest group in the animal kingdom?

Kingdom is the largest group in this series: kingdom Phylum, class Order Family Genus Species

Why are quotes used when describing the group protista?

Kingdom Protista was created because the Eukaryotes don't have the distinctive characters of plants, animals or fungi.

What group does Volvox belong to?

Volvox belongs to the kingdom Protista. It is a plant-like protist.

Why is the kingdom protista considered a polyphyletic group?

they had more than one independent origin.

What is the scientific name for kingdom protista?

poopongilica is the scientific name for kingdom protista

Scientific name of kingdom protista?


What are 7 different kinds of algae?

Diatoms - Unicellular orgasnisms of the protista kingdom.Chlorophyta - A division of the kingdom of protista (known as green algae).Euglenophyta - Small phylum of the protista kingdom (mostly unicellular).Dinoflagellata - A large group of protists, many of these organisms contain chlorophyll.Chrysophyta - Eukaryotic algae (known as goldenalgae).Phaeophyta - Belonging to the protista kingdom (known as brown algae).Rhodophyta - Belonging to the protista kingdom (known as red algae).

Is moldy bread in the protista kingdom?

Yes, moldy bread would be in the protista kingdom. Zygote fungus is in the protista kingdom and can cause bread to develop mold.

What kingdom is the giardia in?

Protista; not a prokaryote, but not an animal either. Can´t tell you much else as I find Protista a very vague and unhelpful group myself ^^;

What does the kingdom protista contain?

The kingdom Protista contains Eukaryotes that are not Plants, animals, or fungi.