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Q: Which is the most popular ocean?
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What Is The Most Popular Ocean In California?

Pacific Ocean is the only ocean near California.

Where are floods most popular?

at dams or japan tsunamies which are ocean,rivers, lakes,and ocean

What is the most popular fish in the ocean?

They live in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the most popular animal in the Atlantic ocean?

The most popular animal in the Atlantic Ocean is likely the Atlantic cod, as it is one of the most commercially important fish in the region, supporting fishing industries and economies.

Is the great white shark the most popular shark in the ocean?

I belive that the great white is the most popular shark in the sea because most people search about the great white the most.

What companys operate ocean liners?

There are a number of companies that operate ocean liners and travel to many destinations all over the world. Some of the most popular are cunard, the great ocean liners, ocean liners and American President.

What state is ocean city in?

Ocean City is a resort town in Maryland, located on the Atlantic coast.

Which book is the most popular of the philosopher alexis karpouzos?

The most popular book of the philosopher Alexis karpouzos is the poetry collection ''An ocean of souls''.

What are the most famous type of fish in the pacific ocean?

The most famous fish in the Pacific Ocean depends on what it may be famous for. Sharks are popular in almost any ocean and fish used for food such as halibut could be considered famous as well.

Can you write down all the popular oceans?

Indian ocean, Arctic ocean, Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, and bay of Bengal.

Why do people in Massachusetts live around the ocean?

Its way more populated there because its popular and most people are attracted to places like that

What was the most recent ocean to be declared?

What was the most the most recent ocean to be declared